The UNMJobs project team has worked diligently to resolve issues that have been reported by applicants, hiring coordinators, and employment areas.  Below is a list of items that have been fixed or improved.

Application Process

StatusUsers ImpactedIssueCause-Resolution
RESOLVEDExternal applicants

Cannot save the application and return to it

Applicants can save their application and return as long as required fields are populated including upload of resume and checking box at bottom.

Users cannot edit their application after it has been submitted.

RESOLVEDExternal applicantsEmployment History cannot be edited when Google Tag manager is installed.Google Tag manager has been removed from the UNMJobs Career Site.

Career Site (External) and Career Center (Internal)

StatusUsers ImpactedIssueCause-Resolution
RESOLVEDInternal applicantsAdd Grade to Career Site for easier job filtering.

Grade added July 2017

RESOLVEDInternal applicantsDetermine what 'Refer Jobs' tab is. This is found to the right of  'Explore Open Jobs' and 'Applications'. It tends to list a couple of jobs for all users that are the same and don't really make sense.Tab removed by Emily from core functions.

Core and General Application


Users Impacted




Hiring Coordinators,

Employment Area Staff

Please fix the system to allow multiple web sessions to be open at once (does not work even in separate browsers. It kicks you out of what you are working on and you lose changes) 


UNMJobs DOES ALLOW multiple sessions within the same browser. Users should right-click on link and select "Open Link in New Tab".

See the tips and tricks video. UNMJobs Tips and Tricks

Data Feed and Integration Issues

StatusUsers ImpactedIssueCause-Resolution
RESOLVEDEmployment Area StaffCan we increase the frequency into Banner so front desk personnel can use up to date information to help their customers better and also generate accurate reports for Monday’s Lobo U?

Increased feeds from two times a day (12PM and 7PM) to four times a day (see below).

Submitted request for feeds at 9AM (new), 12PM, 3PM (new), and 7PM. This should increase information available in Banner.

Export from TMS

Import into UNM EOS









RESOLVEDEmployment Area StaffLabor Index Codes and position numbers (i.e. Locum Tenens) are not feeding properly.  

What caused this? It was determined early on that Locum Tenens would be converted from MO EClass to SO EClass. This is why they had been excluded originally. It seems that a change to SO EClass never occurred so the logic is being changed to not exclude MOs going forward.

Fix: Remove MO EClass exclusion configuration in TMS. 

What this means: This means that MO Locum Tenens will now be available inside UNMJobs; therefore, employees in Locum Tenen positions will be considered internal users in UNMJobs. 

RESOLVEDStudent Employment Area"Federal Work study - 70% and ePAF did not come over in Payroll EOS." 


StatusUsers ImpactedIssueCause-Resolution
RESOLVEDN/AWhen does an external employee become internal?

When an applicant is marked as hired and the data feed merges the user record.

Requisitions/Requisition Processing/Offer Letters

StatusUsers ImpactedIssueCause-Resolution
RESOLVEDHiring CoordinatorsWould like to be able to see the org code in the requisition (not just the name). This causes additional work in searching for it to see if they have Comp approval.  

Fix: Changed the OU value to display the ORG code in parenthesis along with the name/description that is already there.


RESOLVEDHiring Coordinators

In the Manage Requisitions section, please change the requisition date from auto populating to the present date (it auto hides all requisitions that way). 

Recruitment and Applicant Preferences setting changed to "no default"



Hiring Coordinators,

All Applicants

Some requisitions mysteriously go missing under the manage requisitions tab (unclear if this affects the applicant from applying again)Recruitment and Applicant Preferences setting changed to "no default"

Hiring Coordinators,

Employment Area Staff

Cannot reopen requisitions

Tip from CSOD Client Success Center-

After a Requisition is changed to a Closed status, either by hiring an applicant or manually by an administrator, the requisition cannot be re-opened from the General page when viewing the requisition. You can allow for requisitions to be re-opened by changing the status of a Hired applicant that filled the requisition.

1.    First, navigate to the Manage Requisitions page and locate the closed requisition you would like to re-open.

2.    Click on the Applicants Number under the Applicants column to view the applicants within the requisition.

3.    Locate the hired applicant and click on their name to visit their Applicant Profile.

4.    Next to the Current Status field, click on the Hired status link, which will allow you to change their status

5.    Move the applicant back to a previous stage such as In Review or Offer Letter, and save your changes.

6.    After saving your changes, the applicant's status will be reverted and the requisition will change to an Open status.

If you are looking to open a requisition that has no hired applicants, you can hire any applicant, and then follow the steps above to re-open the requisition. Now that the requisition is open again, you can continue to review and hire applicants within the same requisition instead of creating a new one.

See Re-Opening a Closed Requisition.

Transition to Operations

StatusAssigned ToDescriptionResolution
RESOLVEDAlesia TorresVendor management - finalize contact info and contact persons Completed





See the TMS Issues for all issues.

Report an issue using the UNMJobs feedback form


A list of fixes applied to UNMJobs with the July 7th patch.

Table of patch code fixes begins:

Summary of Issues

Patch Code Fixes July 7, 2017


Error message in feedback due to a previously pushed code changed. After this, leaving a feedback comment or action will not result in an error


Users that are showing as in progress in the Onboarding Dashboard don't have any pending items in their action widget or Actions tab intermittently. After the fix, these pending items will display in actions tab and widget.


Some previously rated competencies were not displaying in subsequent tasks as expected. This was a logic issues and is resolved with the patch. 


Items in competency bank were not being displayed in order. After the fix these items will display in expected order.


Users with Multiple roles in a single review task did not see previous comments from steps assigned to a different role than the current step. This was a logic issue and is resolved with the patch. 


Performance PDF hangs for some users after opening. This was a logic issue and is resolved after the patch.


Internet explorer is displaying an unintended popup when using the save and return later button on an in progress application. After the fix, this popup will no longer display.


The Work Experience section of the Applicant Profile was not resizing columns properly to display data in as few lines as possible. After the fix, these columns will resize as they did prior to the May release.


Users receiving error pages when attempting to load Manage Requisitions page if requisition count was too high due to an issue with pagination. After the fix, the page will display properly for these users.


For some Applicants, the flattened application does not include uploaded documents due to those files having uppercase file extensions. After the fix, uppercase file extensions will be properly interpreted and the files will appear in the flattened application.


Refreshing the page after posting a comment to an applicant profile was causing the comment to post again. After the fix, refreshing will not cause duplicate postings.


Some old saved Job Alerts were preventing Job Alert emails from firing due to errors saved alert. After the patch, erroneous job alerts will be deleted by a back end process which will allow the other alerts to send properly.


Broadbean was allowing unauthorized users to post requisitions. After the fix, this will no longer be possible.


In Firefox, when a tag is copied from the View Tags window into the offer letter template via copy and paste, additional text and line breaks were pasted into the offer letter. After the fix, this additional information will not be copied.


When editing Application Workflow Templates, removing a section and saving would sometimes cause an error due to the database referencing the deleted section. After the fix, this reference and error will not occur.


Status change dates were sometimes incorrect due to showing the date from a subsequent status. After the fix, the date will display as the date of the correct status.


When previewing an Application Workflow Template, the upload resume option was hidden. After the fix, this option will display in the preview.


Some Offer Letter standard fields when disabled/inactivated within Offer Letter Preferences are visible when an approver reviews the offer details from the Hiring Dashboard. After the fix, these details will be hidden as expected.


Mobile applicants were not consistently being screened out by prescreening questions. After the fix, mobile applicants will be properly screened.


Custom reporting was showing more approvers for an offer letter than the offer letter details displayed. After the fix, custom reporting will show the same number of approvers.


Curriculum Details Report was not pulling in the correct status of training in the curriculum structure. After the fix, the correct status of training within curriculum structures will be displayed.


OU hierarchy report not generating results due to missing custom field type check in back end query. After the fix, this report will function and custom field type will display.


Author location incorrect in community report due to missing relations causing exceptions in querying. After the fix, author location will display correctly.


Gateway timeout errors due to reference columns being too small. After this fix, column width will be updated and timeouts shouldn’t occur for this scenario.


Latency when opening  dashboard with succession due to metric ratings code pulling unnecessary data. After the fix, latency will be reduced.


Candidate Slate position fit – Successor field causing errors due to a previous change. This is resolved by backend query changes.


Generic error on team view page due to field accessibility. Check added to render or not, which will prevent the issue.


Team page age filter returns no results due to backend logic when filtering by slider. After the fix, results will be returned as expected from slider settings.


Team page where an SMP field is present with an empty value throws an error. After this fix, smp information may be included.

Non-Module Specific

Some users experienced slow performance when using global search and navigating universal profile. This was caused by an indexing issue and is resolved with the patch.


Elastic Search DB for stage / pilot / demo had duplicate portal names causing conflicts with change tracking. After this fix, lower environment portal search indexing issues should be resolved.


Error when submitting a form task due to an exception in logic. Code fix put in to bypass this exception.


Editing user record failing to save changes due to hidden user status type error message. After the patch, this message will display so that admins may correct the invalid data.


Hired applicants page requires manager, division, position, location, grade and hire date, but pre-filled data was not saving if the fields were not displayed, resulting in an error. After the patch, pre-filled data will be saved even when not shown.

SourceJuly 7 2017 Patch Code Fixes (updated 07/07/2017)*

*Requires Cornerstone Success Center account and login.