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SummaryArea of ImpactGoalLeadNext Step(s)
Review an archiving addon to help maintain pagesIT ApplicationsKeep Confluence documentation up-to-date and accurate through automated expiry and notification of pages that become old or unused.Jim Dryden
  1. Complete Proof of Concept
  2. Present findings and proposal to Applications leadership
Review options for hosting ConfluenceAllSummarize the costs of three options for upgrading and hosting Confluence. Organize the three options into a matrix that includes installation costs, monthly labor costs, monthly hosing costs vs annual hosting costs, and benefits and risks.Garth Colasurdo
  1. Finalize collected data
  2. Present findings and proposal to Applications leadership
Space cleanup: Apps Upgrade and AppWorxIT Applications

There was originally a Banner upgrade space (within the Apps Upgrade space) that was inconsistently used for Banner upgrades. It is being expanded to include all Application upgrades. A basic framework for the space is being implemented and upgrade templates defined. These are being piloted now. 


The AppWorx section of the Application space is being inventoried and accessed assessed for duplication and redundancy. We will be designing a new taxonomy for the section and presenting it to ERP Support since they are the main users of the AppWorx section besides the Operations team.

Glenn Nicol
  1. Finalize framework/templates/taxonomy

  2. Add labels to previous Banner upgrade documents

  3. Get feedback from Support team

  4. Move pages into new structure

Taxonomy and content cleanup/organization (Confluence 2.0)IT ApplicationsDevelop standardized templates and structures to hold IT Applications documentation. Presently, several versions and iterations of "Application Page" templates are in use - this effort will ultimately consolidate those into a single template with all relevant information (as reviewed and approved by Applications leadership) and simplify the structure of the Applications Confluence Spaces and Pages. In other words, the number of Apps Spaces will likely decrease.

Steve Spence

Linda Johansen

  1. Finalize new structures and templates
  2. Begin migration of existing content into new structure and demise old content as applicable