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Step #

Action/Field Name


Log into UNMJobs (do not use Microsoft Edge)


Verify Employment Area: Student

  1. Hover on Home and click Universal Profile
  2. Find User Record and click User Record in the drop-down
  3. On the bottom right of your screen you will see a red Edit Record button, click that.
  4. Scroll down to the section called Organization StructureImage Removed
  5. Find Employment Area and in there you will notice it says “Staff (STAFF)”. Click the “x” to the right of it.
    Image Added
  6. The “x” will be replaced by a double-box looking icon. Click that and a window will open.Image Removed
  7. In that window, scroll down until you see University of New Mexico click the “+” to expand it.
    Image Added
  8. Scroll inside the next window and select “Student” (not “Student Employment Office”)
  9. Click Save.
  10. Log out and maybe close and reopen your browser to make sure nothing is cached.
  11. Log back in and then you may then proceed back to your requisition, where the correct fields should appear.




From the Navigation Bar, hover over Recruit tab.


Click Manage Requisition.


Click Options tab.
Click Add Requisition


Next to Job Title: Select  next to Position Class.

The Search Position Class dialogue box appears.

    • On page two, click the "+" next to University Student.

  • Select the appropriate Position Class Title

    There are only six (6) Position Class Titles for students:

    Student Entry Level - 0041
    Student Intermediate Level - 0042
    Student Advanced Level - 0043
    Student Technical Specialist - 0044

    Student Monthly -0004 (only used for Resident Advisors, ASUNM president and Vice-President, and Lobo Editor).

    Student Publications – 0046 (only used for Daily Lobo production staff)
  • Requisition Template – Defaults to Position Class selected – Do not change




Display Job Title: Enter the Working Title (Please refer to for instructions regarding working titles for students).


Verify Employment Area is Student (default) – Do not change


Click next to Primary Location

Search Primary Location Title dialogue box appears
In the ID field, type your Org # and Click the Search button

Select the Title of your Org


  • The default address will appear in the Requisition (example)


Skip Additional Locations, Grade, Cost Center and leave Contact Phone blank.


Employment Type: Verify Student Employment and Part Time is selected.


Currency: Leave as US Dollar