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(red star) = Peer Institution

UNM's Wage and Salary Administration Policy 

UNMH Guidelines on Transfers, Promotions, Demotions and Reclassifications

UNMH Compensation Philosophy

UNMH New Hires Rates of Pay

UNMH Annual Adjustments to Pay

Syracuse University - Pay Administration Handbook

Indiana University - Salary Decisions for Professional Staff

New Mexico State University - Compensation Guidelines (red star)

Arizona State University - Leader's Guide Staff Compensation and Salary Administration (red star)

MIT's Compensation Guidelines

Stanford University - Reclassification Procedure

Harvard - Compensation Philosophy

University of California - Compensation Policies for Staff 

Florida International University - Compensation Guidelines (red star)

Oklahoma State University - Compensation Adjustment Form (red star)

Oklahoma State University - Compensation Adjustment Form Guidelines (red star)

Texas A&M - Compensation Page (red star)

University of Texas at Arlington - Wage and Salary Policies (red star)

University of Texas at Austin - Salary Adjustments (red star)

University of Texas at El Paso - Compensation (red star)

University of California Riverside - Equity (red star)

University of California Riverside - Other Compensation Actions (red star)

University of Houston - Compensation Guidelines (red star)

University of Iowa - Compensation Information for Departments (red star)

University of Missouri Columbia - Policies and Procedures Pay and Compensation (red star)

University of Nebraska-Lincoln - Salary Administration (red star)

University of Nevada Las Vegas - Salary Ranges and Pay Increases (red star)

University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center - Compensation and Performance Evaluation Guidelines  (red star)

University of Utah - Salary Determination Tool (red star)

University of Utah - Compensation Procedures (red star)

University of Arkansas - Staff Handbook (Section 6 Compensation Policies)

University of North Texas - Compensation

University of North Texas HSC - Salary Administration Policy

University of Oregon - Compensation Administration

University of South Carolina - Salary Action Guidelines

University of Virginia - Compensation Management Toolkit

University of Washington Seattle - Pay and Classification

University of Miami - Compensation Guidelines


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