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Meeting Goal:

To identify first steps for implementing Phase 2 for New Compensation Guidelines project


Overall Approach:

  • Step 1: Concept
    • Articulate the overall concept - it's purpose, how it will address pain points, etc.
    • Considerations - approvals needed, eligibility for consideration, implications on other processes, etc.
    • Steps to address - the high-level view of the process 

    Milestone - provide summaries of the concepts to Marleen and Dorothy
  • Step 2: Development
    • Analyze factors that will be impacted - changes to policies, timing with other comp guidelines, etc.
    • Review existing compensation guidelines and identify changes needed
    • Identify technology needed and the tech-related opportunities - electronic and/or web-based forms, reports needed, etc.

Milestone - provide summaries of the development plan to Marleen and Dorothy

  • Step 3: Implementation
    • Develop content to be launched on the website
    • Create communications for HR Agents, HR Forums, and HR Newsletters
    • Train staff who will be impacted (most likely Client Services staff)

Milestone: provide summary of accomplishments to Marleen and Dorothy. Discuss plan for remaining guideline changes. 

  • Step 4: Review
    • Review implementation (what worked, didn't work, and what we want to try in next phase)
    • Address pain points with new processes and make tweaks as needed


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