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The user is unable to login to UNMJobs and receives one of the following error messages:

Error Message
You have entered invalid authentication credentials. (CSOD)

This message occurs at the External login page:

Error Message
Incorrect user ID or password. Type the correct user ID and password, and try again. (SSO)

This message occurs at the Internal login page when the UNM NetID and password is not recognized.


Determine the Type of User

  1. Determine the type of user
  2. See the troubleshooting steps for the user type:
    1. External Applicants
    2. Internal Applicants and Internal Users (Approvers, Hiring Coordinators, Department Users, Employment Area Staff)

External Applicants

Check for Correct Login Page

  1. External Applicants should be logging in at
  1. From the external Career Site:
    1. Navigate to the UNMJobs Login page.
    2. Click the Forgot password? beneath the Sign In button
    3. Enter your email address in the Login Credentials field
    4. Complete the reCaptcha field by typing the text shown in the image above the field.
    5. Please check your email.  It typically takes 5 to 15 minutes for the email arrive.
    6. Click the password reset link in the email from with the subject line UNMJobs Password Reset Request
    7. If the email is not received please see the next section did not receive password reset email.

Did Not Receive Password Reset Email

  1. Wait at least 15 minutes from the time the reset request was made.
  2. Check Junk, Spam, and Clutter folders for the email.

Forgot Username or Email Address

  1. Contact the appropriate Employment Area

Cannot Access Email to which the Password Reset Email was Sent

  1. Contact the appropriate Employment Area


  1. See Help with Resetting Your Password - LinkedIn

    Internal Applicants that sign in with LinkedIn will be considered External Applicants which may or may not be preferable for the applicant

Internal Applicants and Users

Check for Correct Login Page

  1. External Applicants should be logging in at
  2. The login page is the UNM login page:

Confirm UNM NetID and Password are Correct

  1. Login to with UNM NetID and Password
    1. If Successful: Try the link again.  This should log the user in immediately using single sign-on and will not prompt for username and password again.
    2. It Not Successful: See FastInfo #2