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This procedure explains how to transition a UNMTemps employee to a regular assignment


Department hiring coordinators


Required Security Role: Hiring Coordinator


Action Items

  • Confirm Eligibility for Temp-to-Hire
    • Confirm that the temporary employee is eligible for temp-to-hire by sending a confirmation request e-mail to
    • Include the Name & Banner ID of the UNMTemps employee.
    • Education and Verification & completed Reference Checks may also be requested at this time.
    • A reply e-mail confirming eligibility will be sent within one (1) business day.
  • Request the Temp-to-Hire posting.
  • Create a Staff Requisition for an Internal Competitive posting.
    • The posting is competitive since the employee was competitively placed by UNMTemps.
    • The Hiring coordinator will create a staff requisition.
    • The Position Title must match the current title held by the UNMTemps employee.
    • Complete all required requisition fields in accordance with the Creating a Staff Requisition SOP.
    • Posting Type: Internal Competitive
    • The Non-Competitive Hire Reason Code should be left blank
    • Attach the Confirmation e-mail from UNMTemps to the Documents tab
    • In the Comments box, create a note stating that your request is for a Temp-to-Hire.
    • Submit the Requisition to your department’s designated approver(s) and to the HR Transaction Center (HR Approver).
    • Once the Internal Competitive position has been posted, you will receive an email containing the apply link from the HR Transaction Center. At that time, the department should send the apply link to the posting to the UNMTemps employee so that he/she can apply.
  • Hiring Request Process for the Temp-to-Hire Position.
    • Once the applicant has applied, please proceed with creating the hiring request. Full instructions can be found on the Creating Hiring Request – Staff SOP.
    • In the Applicant Profile under the Summary tab, complete the following fields prior to starting the Hiring Request.
      • DRA Gender
      • DRA Race/Ethnicity
      • Did you attach the Hire Justification Memo?
    • Attach the following items to the Documents Tab:
      • Confirmation Email from UNMTemps verifying eligibility for Temp-to-Hire
      • Education Verification
      • Reference Checks
      • New Criminal Conviction Certification (CCC) Form
      • Equity Grid (if applicable)
      • Credit given for Education will require Official Transcripts or a copy thereof.
      • Justification Memo


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