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Enter the 9 digit UNM ID for the employee in which an action will be taken.
Click "Go" to advance to the next screenApproval categories represent the purpose of the personnel action - the reason a personnel action is being created.
For Temporary Part-Time Instructor Rehire it will be JF0002Enter the start date of the transaction you are creating. (The first day of the class)

After clicking on the "Go" button the following will display.
Please Note: No jobs may appear under this section if the individual does not have an active job during the query date entered above. This is normal and to find the correct job to apply the EPAF select "All Jobs". Select All Jobs to display all of the faculty member's job records.
*Select the radio button next to the job in which you are taking action.
*For example, if you were rehiring an instructor in the Psychology Department look under "Time Sheet Organization" look for the correct org code and department "765A, Psychology Department" .

  • There may be more than one job displayed. Ensure you are selecting a position which is in your department. All Temporary Part-Time Instructor positions start with an "FT" and will have a suffix of "00,01'02'or 03"

    The Jobs Effective Date and Personnel Date represents the first day of the class or set of classes.
    Example: If a class is to start January 17th, the date entered would be 01/17/2017.Appointment Percent and Hours per Pay are calculated based on the Hours per Pay Appointment Percent Table.
    Example: Two 3 credit hour classes in the Fall/Spring semesters equal an Appt% of 50 and hours per pay of 86.67. NOTE: If the instructor will be on a branch campus use the Hours Per Pay Appointment Percent Table for Branch Campuses.
    Annual Salary is calculated in the contract calculator tool
    The Jobs Effective Date and Personnel Date represent the last day the class or classes will be held.
    Example: If the class or classes are to end May 14, 2016, the date entered would be 05/14/2017.

    !worddav9d1e7ea29b95c676cad24712fc50f9f3.png|height=186,width=720!The Effective Date should reflect the start of the transaction identified in the Faculty Job Detail section above.
    Earnings should be "012", Temporary Base Pay, for summer "203"
    Enter the same number that is in the Hours per Pay section in the Faculty Job Detail section above in Hours or Unit per pay section here.
    **Leave Deemed Hours and Special Rate blank
    Enter the DAY AFTER the end date of the class or classes.
    Example: For a class ending 05/14/2017, the end date would be 05/15/2017.

    Effective date should be the same as start date of the class/classesEnter the labor distribution that is effective for class or class's payment.
    Note: The account code for Temporary Part-Time Instructor Rehire is 2007, for summer 2003.
    Note: The labor distribution percent must equal 100% but can be split into multiple accounts.

    The User Name is the person/entity associated with a specific approval level.The Required Action field identifies the appropriate action needed by the user.
    The Routing Queue is a Pre-defined standard of approval levels.

    Enter comments that describe the action being submitted.
    Example: Class/ Credit Hours/ Range date of class and Payment Amount.
    Note: If there are multiple classes on one EPAF, individually list them in the comment section.

    Press to save progress and check values entered in form are in the correct format

    To complete the Temporary Part-Time Instructor Rehire EPAF, click on the Upload Documents button at the top of the page to attach the Temporary Part-Time Instructor Rehire form. For instructions on how to attach a document to your EPAF please reference the "Attaching Documents" job aid. Please note, you will have 5 minutes to attach your document otherwise the system will log you out and you will be required to log in again.
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