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NEW Received not yet assigned

ASSIGNED Assigned to individual or team

IN PROGRESS Actively working the issue

ON-HOLD Awaiting more information 

RESOLVED The issue has been resolved


(question) Report an issue using the UNMJobs feedback form.  UNMJobs project team members and employment area staff can edit this page directly.

Application Process - Emily and Amber

List Manager: Emily and Amber

StatusUsers ImpactedIssueStatus UpdatesCause-ResolutionAction Items
RESOLVEDInternal and external applicants

Cannot go back to edit an application (must delete and start over) in the internal or external site after it is submitted. 

Working as DesignedOnce the employee submits they cannot change; they must withdraw 
IN PROGRESSExternal applicants

When people cancel out of an application, they are actually withdrawing but do not know it?

Working as DesignedTraining Issue - update the how-to's to make this clear
IN PROGRESSExternal applicants

When users attach documents to an application, they cannot go back to review those documents after it is submitted.

Known LimitationSuggestion City
IN PROGRESSInternal and external applicants

Application preview would be nice

Known LimitationSuggestion City
RESOLVEDExternal applicants

Cannot save the application and return to it

ResolvedApplicants can save their application and return as long as required fields are populated (including upload of resume and checking box at bottom).
  • Amber to communicate
IN PROGRESSExternal applicants

Cannot save application information to use to apply for another requisition

Additional information needed for CSODBuilding the components of the resume builder is what allows an application to be saved and used for future application. An applicant can only have one saved application at a time. Updated 8/16/17.Emily Luhman and Amber Michelle Bailey to document issue and send to Nicole.
IN PROGRESSInternal and external applicants

Applicants cannot tell where the process is

Additional information needed.According to CSOD, applicants should be able to see all five application statuses. 

Emily Luhman and Amber Michelle Bailey to

IN PROGRESSHiring CoordinatorsDepartments cannot tell where the process isCSOD suggestion - testing requiredCSOD suggest using "candidate search"  as mechanism to identify status of applications and applicant tasks.

Emily Luhman and Amber Michelle Bailey to test Candidate Search functionality.

RESOLVEDExternal applicantsEmployment History cannot be edited when Google Tag manager is installed. Google Tag manager has been removed from the UNMJobs Career Site and this has resolved this issue.
  • Thomas Farrell follow-up with UCAM to find out if we can use the fonts without Google Tag manager.
  • Amber followed up with UCAM 8/3/17.
  • Verified by Debbie Garcia 8/7/17
  • Amber to communicate


Web Team

Internal and external applicants

Chrome sometimes causes problems through the application process

ON-HOLDInternal and external applicantsThe custom candidate profile pictures do not appear in all different areas of the UNMJobs website, only on the search candidate screen, is there a way that it can be made visible whenever the profile picture avatar is present? Reported via feedback form.   
IN PROGRESSInternal and external applicantsRemove random checkbox on Applicant Information page where it says, "I have read..." This can be easily done. AND, can we reformat other Application check boxes that are strangely small and positioned offset with text?  
  • Emily Luhman and Amber Bailey
CLOSEDInternal and external applicants

The close time on application seems to occur earlier than expected.  if a job is posted to close at 5:00pm MST on a certain date, applicants have complained that it closed earlier than that and are unable to apply.  

NOTE: Erica Grong, no need to investigate here. We closed this since it is on the Requisitions list. Amber posted a CSOD link there for reference for Kevin.

CSOD enhancement request 
  • Erica Grong will investigate process for requesting enhancement/feasibility of same.
CLOSEDInternal and external applicantsIs it possible to configure the automatic sorting of jobs?  Would be nice if applicants could sort by the most recent posting date. External site already had this sorting capability added. The internal site has been reviewed and it is confirmed that the configuration is not available at this time.CSOD enhancement request
  • Amber Michelle Bailey upvoted this in several places in suggestion city for Career Center since it is currently a known limitation. It was therefore marked as "closed" instead of "resolved".
  • Erica Grong will investigate process for requesting enhancement/feasibility of same
IN-PROGRESSInternal and external applicantsFind out how to include References in the application. There are not enough sections to add this as its own in the Applicant Workflow but this may be something that we can do through the resume parsing options.   

Career Site (External) and Career Center (Internal) - Emily and Amber

List Manager: Gabe Rivera


Users Impacted


Status Updates


Action Items

RESOLVEDInternal applicantsAdd Grade to Career Site for easier job filtering. 

Grade added July 2017

  • Amber to communicate to HRSC, TC and DT
RESOLVEDInternal applicantsFix 'Refer' job email functionality from requisition listing page. If you complete the refer form/box, it does not list a language in the drop-down box to select. When you try to submit it without having a language, it will give you an error telling you to select a language. Location has been verified as set to English. Issue have been resolved and refer job email for internal and external user emails are active. Issue was resolved by activating email refer job email templates. Updated 8/16/17.
RESOLVEDInternal applicantsDetermine what 'Refer Jobs' tab is. This is found to the right of  'Explore Open Jobs' and 'Applications'. It tends to list a couple of jobs for all users that are the same and don't really make sense. The Refer Jobs tab has been removed from core functions.
  • Emily Luhman and Amber Bailey

Core and General Application - Emily and Amber


Users Impacted


Status Updates


Action Items


Hiring Coordinators,

Employment Area Staff

Please fix the system to allow multiple web sessions to be open at once (does not work even in separate browsers. It kicks you out of what you are working on and you lose changes) 



UNMJobs DOES ALLOW multiple sessions within the same browser. Users should right-click on link and select "Open Link in New Tab".

See the tips and tricks video. UNMJobs Tips and Tricks

  • Kevin, Emily Amber.
  • Ryan Baltunis (Tips and Tricks)
  • Amber to communicate to HRSC, TC and DT
ON-HOLDEmployment Area Staff, System AdministratorsDecision: need to decide where Banner ID and NetID automated emails should be copied to. They are going to the TMS test account. The TMS test account is the only shared account by all EAs, not sure what other options there are.  
RESOLVEDSystem Administrators, IT, HRIT (all users potentially)"Upgrade Management of Quarterly Releases. Work with Central IT to document upgrade process, testing and communication process." 

DONE August '17: Elizabeth sent Glenn the schedule; still need to send info for him to create a login; Glenn will set up separate meeting to go over final process;

NEXT: Glen will schedule meetings with teams to address upgrade details and teams will test in Staging environment which is scheduled to have a copy-down of configurations the night of 8/21/17. The first "on-schedule" meeting will occur for the October release and the ongoing process will be built out from there.

  • Glenn Nicol and Garth Colasurdo

Data Feed and Integration Issues - Erica Grong

StatusUsers ImpactedIssueStatus UpdatesCause-ResolutionAction Items
RESOLVEDEmployment Area StaffCan we increase the frequency into Banner so front desk personnel can use up to date information to help their customers better and also generate accurate reports for Monday’s Lobo U?
  1. Request being submitted 8/2/17 by Jeff to CSOD. Pending implementation and response from CSOD.
  2. Update LOBO U Custom Report and process. Debi is currently pulling data together from multiple sources we probably don’t need to go through the trouble to pulling in the Banner ID since an email is going to out to new hires that includes this information as it has already been set up.
    1. When General Person information is built (after Sandy’s process), an email is generated to the employee (supervisor and manager) providing the hires Banner ID.

Increased feeds from two times a day (12PM and 7PM) to four times a day (see below).

Submitted request for feeds at 9AM (new), 12PM, 3PM (new), and 7PM. This should increase information available in Banner.

Export from TMS

Import into UNM EOS









  • Jeffrey O'Keefe to submit request to CSOD to add a 9AM and 3PM feed.
  • Will run today 8/11 at 9am.
  • Amber to communicate to HRSC, TC and DT
RESOLVEDEmployment Area StaffLabor Index Codes and position numbers (i.e. Locum Tenens) are not feeding properly.  
  1. This will be done in production before 9 am on 8/2/17, therefore it will be in place 8/2/17 – after the feed is verified in Pilot.

What caused this? It was determined early on that Locum Tenens would be converted from MO EClass to SO EClass. This is why they had been excluded originally. It seems that a change to SO EClass never occurred so the logic is being changed to not exclude MOs going forward.

Fix: Remove MO EClass exclusion configuration in TMS. 

What this means: This means that MO Locum Tenens will now be available inside UNMJobs; therefore, employees in Locum Tenen positions will be considered internal users in UNMJobs. 

  • Jeffrey O'Keefe will remove GTVSDAX Configuration entry
  • Amber to communicate to HRSC, TC and DT
RESOLVEDEmployment Area Staff

Term end date does not populate.

TC knows they put a hard end date on job but can’t prove it. They find it missing when they review vital error reports. (Note: there are other vital errors occurring that we are missing on reports – Denise.)

  1. Rita is getting more information on this so we can determine if something can change within the business process portion.

What caused this? Result of Salary Planner? This can’t be corrected inside UNMJobs.

Issue was identified as a training issue for Transaction Center and also a fix to the EOS workflow by Jeff (picking the wrong EPAF).

  • Rita Gutierrez is getting more information on this so we can determine if something can change within the business process portion
RESOLVEDStudent Employment Area"Federal Work study - 70% and ePAF did not come over in Payroll EOS."Jeff returns August 1. Ask when he comes back from leave.Jeff says this was resolved before he came back from annual leave.   Check with Employment Areas to make sure this is correct.
IN PROGRESSRecruiting Data FeedDuplicates are coming over  
RESOLVEDRequisition TemplateInvestigate whether CSOD API could be used

An API for the job requisition template (JRT) does not exist yet.  Only requisition template “get” APIs exist at this time.

RESOLVEDRecruiting Data FeedSR #353250We have a user with netID:  TELLE is not being pulled into TMS; his org is set up and he has an active job record; his user is not making it to the TMS_USER table to be pulled overJeff and Craig resolved it on August 1st

Onboarding - Emily and Amber

StatusUsers ImpactedIssueStatus UpdatesCause-ResolutionAction Items
RESOLVEDN/AWhen does an external employee become internal? 


When an applicant is marked as hired and the data feed merges the user record.

IN PROGRESSFirst time UNM New HiresIf you are a first time job holder at UNM and if previously a student, on-call (non-regular), they would not have an EDF so they should be directed to the New Employee Checklist to complete the EDF.        

HR Service Center

Need to document the Workflows for Service Center so they understand what to do in each scenario. (Need to make sure they know if wrong workflow is assigned) (We can use the cheat sheet of tasks in workflows for staff and build off of that. (Assigned to Amber & Emily)  
IN PROGRESSEmployment Area StaffCan we change the Department Onboarding Checklist task so that it is simply emailed or managed otherwise? Issue is that it is causing onboarding to sit as incomplete percentage-wise. (Amber and Emily to look into this)  

Completing assigned tasks from the applicant perspective is the most challenging piece. How can this be improved? How can tasks be consolidated? It is confusing for users to go to different systems.

See "Review TMS Onboarding Emails/Tasks, Parking Pass, etc...- Determine how these need to be modified to make sense......"


HR Service Center,

All New Hires

How can the Service Center determine if the EDF is complete? 

Next Steps: After reworking workflow, update SOPs shared with Service Center and train.



Web Team

All New Hires

Users often have to delete their cookie cache to appropriately fill out some online forms


"Review and update emails triggered in TMS regarding steps in hiring process."

 One generic email needed for multiple EAs; too many emails going out.

  Emily Luhman and Amber Michelle Bailey
IN PROGRESSAll New HiresImprove routing and notifications of onboarding tasks.  It is very unclear where tasks appear and should be completed.  Is there a way to move directly from one task to the next?  (e.g., sign offer letter and then route to complete EDF?)  Schedule technical walk-through with Damian
IN PROGRESSAll New HiresHow can departments and applicants determine when tasks have been completed or what their status is?  Schedule technical walk-through with Damian

Profile and Login

List Manager: Gabe Rivera

IDStatusUsers ImpactedIssueStatus UpdatesCause-ResolutionAction Items

Internal applicants applying as external applicants

Student applicants, former employee applicants


When creating an applicant profile the email not available error occurs when the users has not previously created a profile.


This occurs on the external Career Site when students and former applicants apply.

Related Issues:


  • Error message text on login screen has been revised so it is more helpful and links to Email Not Available documentation.


In the case of Students, the user feed, feeds over preferred email, instead of primary email, registering the email ad with UNMJobs but with creating a profile.


Developed troubleshooting documentation that support centers can use to direct user to correct login or use correct account.

Submitted a Ellucian/CSOD ticket to provide a more helpful error message.



PL2IN PROGRESSStudent applicants, former employee applicants


Previously employed, student applicants and former employees cannot complete EDF because they cannot login.



Have you ever been employed at UNM and do you have an active netid?

Related Issues:



The user's employment area is incorrect and as a result they are taken to the incorrect login screen when attempting to sign documents. Or the user is attempting to login with NetID and password when their external email and password are needed. Or the user is an internal hire and was incorrectly hired as an external hire.



Developed troubleshooting documentation.

Created an online form for the HRTC to capture specific case details when this problem occurs.

  • Gabe Rivera will pull in EA Lead(s) for further explanation
  • Gabe Rivera will create an online form for the HRTC to capture specific cases
  • Emily Luhman will work with Jeff to add/rename EA to make them clearer when onboarding.
  • Thomas Farrell will document the troubleshooting steps for profile with two primary email addresses
PL3IN PROGRESSInternal applicants


Internal applicants are applying as external candidates.


Related Issues:


  • Problem Statements, User Stories have been developed.
  • Revised navigation has been proposed.
  • Revised look-and-feel mockups are underway.


Internal applicants do not see the link to the internal Career Center and/or do not see the need to applying using the Career Center.


Develop a better method of capturing and directing applicants when they they click the apply now button. 

  • Kevin Grant Stevenson will put it in ticket/reach out to Damian find out what analytics are available (internal/external) from CSOD.
PL4ON-HOLDHSC External Applicants


HSC only creates NetIDs on MWF – this may be causing problems for some applicants and the verification that occurs by the Transaction and HR Service Center.


Related Issues:




  • Gabe Rivera will pull-in Marie or Krickett from HSC Faculty for more information
PL5ON-HOLDInternal and External applicants


Due to access issues, some applicants are creating new emails and profile accounts just to try to get in and get applications submitted/resubmitted (one person applied to a job with 3 different profiles)


Related Issues:

See PL6



Creating new profiles and email accounts is a symptom of the overall login complexity, email unavailable, reset password emails not being sent.




HR Transaction Center,

Employment Area Staff


Due to the difficulty users have logging in, employment areas would like the ability to reset applicant passwords.


Password resets can only be done for external candidates after their user record has been created (when they have been moved to hired status and the user record feed has run).

Related Issues:


  • Confirmed that this feature is need by employment areas.
  • Submitted and upvoted the ability to reset passwords in Suggestion City. Many other organizations have also requested this.


The UNMJobs application cannot be configured to allow applicant password resets.


Submitted in Suggestion City and upvoted.


PL7ASSIGNEDExternal applicants


Reset Password option does not send an email or is very delayed sending the email; language issues


Related Issues:





PL8ASSIGNEDExternal applicants


Captcha does not always work properly.


Related Issues:

According to CSOD, Captcha is a configuration.  We can choose to remove.  We do not have the ability to modify the Captcha, however, it's take it or leave it.



Use the sound option

Can we get rid of it?

Change to something easier.

Tuan Bui and Gabe Rivera to determine if increased security provided by Captcha is necessary.

Requisitions/Requisition Processing/Offer Letters - Emily and Amber

StatusUsers ImpactedIssueStatus UpdatesCause-ResolutionAction Items
ASSIGNEDInternal and external applicants

5pm hard close time on requisitions is sometimes unclear to applicants. Figure out if this is a different time zone because they seem to closer earlier than expected.

For possible insight from other user, see comment from Greg at bottom of this page

RESOLVEDHiring CoordinatorsWould like to be able to see the org code in the requisition (not just the name). This causes additional work in searching for it to see if they have Comp approval.  

Jeff to update Hiring Department name in the Inbound Data Feed. 

Fix: Change OU value to display the ORG code in parenthesis along with the name/description that is already there.

UNM Mod 1.1 within Oracle view: UNM.TMS_HIRINGDEPARTMENT_OU

  • Jeffrey O'Keefe Jeff to update Hiring Department name in the Inbound Data Feed.
  • Amber to communicate to HRSC, TC and DT
RESOLVEDAll Applicants

Add EEO statement to Job Ad on Req template for Staff and UNMTemps.

Cannot change req template language (Ticket 354011)

Pending verification.

Fix: Emily updated the Staff and UNMTemps job ads which were dropped on the CSOD TMS-Pilot sFTP server for verification by Emily (once verified, files will be dropped on the CSOD TMS sFTP server);

UNM Mod 1.1 within Oracle view: UNM.TMS_POSITIONCLASS_OU_JRT;

and inactivated position class OU and Job Requisition Template for the On Call Staff (90002) position class)

RESOLVEDHiring Coordinators

In the Manage Requisitions section, please change the requisition date from auto populating to the present date (it auto hides all requisitions that way). 

Config change

Recruitment and Applicant Preferences setting changed to "no default"


ASSIGNEDHiring Coordinator?There are also inconvenient default statuses in other areas (such as applicants viewing application status - defaults to "in progress" rather than "all"   

Hiring Coordinators,

All Applicants

Some requisitions mysteriously go missing under the manage requisitions tab (unclear if this affects the applicant from applying again)Config changeRecruitment and Applicant Preferences setting changed to "no default"
IN PROGRESSEmployment Area Staff

Offer Letter Ticket – template is showing the user department view

ticket # 01675526 with CSOD  

Hiring Coordinators,

Employment Area Staff

Cannot reopen requisitions


Tip from CSOD Client Success Center-

After a Requisition is changed to a Closed status, either by hiring an applicant or manually by an administrator, the requisition cannot be re-opened from the General page when viewing the requisition. You can allow for requisitions to be re-opened by changing the status of a Hired applicant that filled the requisition.

1.    First, navigate to the Manage Requisitions page and locate the closed requisition you would like to re-open.

2.    Click on the Applicants Number under the Applicants column to view the applicants within the requisition.

3.    Locate the hired applicant and click on their name to visit their Applicant Profile.

4.    Next to the Current Status field, click on the Hired status link, which will allow you to change their status

5.    Move the applicant back to a previous stage such as In Review or Offer Letter, and save your changes.

6.    After saving your changes, the applicant's status will be reverted and the requisition will change to an Open status.

If you are looking to open a requisition that has no hired applicants, you can hire any applicant, and then follow the steps above to re-open the requisition. Now that the requisition is open again, you can continue to review and hire applicants within the same requisition instead of creating a new one.

See Re-Opening a Closed Requisition.

  • Amber to communicate to DT
IN PROGRESSApplicantsIs it possible to remove the username/password requirement when an applicant signs their offer letter?   
IN PROGRESSHiring Coordinators

Can we change the subject line of approval emails to indicate who/which level approved?

Emily and Amber have started looking at this email to see if there is a way to better communicate it.

NEWHiring CoordinatorsCan we add the ability to have multiple index codes for labor distribution?   
NEWHiring CoordinatorsNew Hires are placed into the wrong org code by default (email from Justin)  Emily Luhman and Amber Michelle Bailey will try to replicate.

Security, Orgs, & Reports - Erica Grong

StatusUsers ImpactedIssueStatus UpdatesCauseResolutionAction Items
ASSIGNED(potentially) All UsersWere intentional changes to default security configurations included in the May 17 release?    
ASSIGNEDSystem Administrators (HRIT)Is there a process to load or automate configuration changes to security roles?   
ASSIGNEDSystem Administrators (HRIT)

"Create new security role for HR Service Center to view information to provide better customer service."

  New BAR role requires modification to the IDF; modifying TMS security roles is a bit more complicated;

only give access to onboarding dashboard; need Jeff's help on this; has to go through IDF.  
ASSIGNEDSystem Administrators (HRIT)

"Create Office and Equal Opportunity (OEO) and Employee Labor Relations (ELR) roles in TMS"

New BAR role requires modification to the IDF; modifying TMS security roles is a bit more complicated;

Need Jeff's help on this; has to go through IDF.

ASSIGNEDSystem Administrators (HRIT)

"Create new recruitment admin role within system admin privileges"

New BAR role requires modification to the IDF; modifying TMS security roles is a bit more complicated;

Need to updated LISTSERV query; need Jeff's help on this; has to go through ODF.  
ASSIGNEDSystem Administrators (HRIT)

"Review all security roles"

Recruitment admin have access to all employment areas (not the original intent)

Need to updated LISTSERV query; need Jeff's help on this; has to go through ODF.  
ASIGNEDSystem Administrators (HRIT)"FAQs for HRIT internal support staff"

need to figure out access to fastinfo?

HRIT internal staff will use FAQs that already exists.

IN PROGRESSEmployment Areas and Hiring Coordinators

"Determine what Custom Reports should be built for users in TMS- include EA feedback?"

(A report that shows status of employee (where they are in the process)

RESOLVEDSystem Administrators (HRIT)Need to create process so HRIT gets notified when a new hiring org is created    


Employment Areas and Hiring Coordinators

"Determine what Reports need to be made available in HR Reports" - include EA feedback?


 Meeting was held on  7/19:  two reports were decided upon: 1) replicate applicant info and status report (replicating old peopleadmin report); 2) onboarding report pushed out to departments; example was provided; depts want the reports in HR Reports but it was encouraged that we build them in TMS also; 


StevenConvert old reports to the new systemJuly 16th, last day to have access to old system;n/aonly one position description report left to convert

Transition to Operations - Erica Grong

StatusAssigned ToDescriptionStatus UpdatesResolutionAction Items
NEWGlenn NicolNeed SOPs for how to handle new releases and upgrades  
IN PROGRESSCSODNeed to align Stage, pilot, and prod

We are ready to do a copy down from prod to pilot and prod to stage.

Update as of 8/18: Copy-down from prod to stage is scheduled for Monday night, August 21. We will hold on any copy-downs to pilot as the tiger teams proceed with their development and testing of fixes.

  • Erica Grong will coordinate these for the length of the perf mgmt project phase
NEW?Need to create standard use cases and scenarios for testing new releasesShare this information with Glenn Nicol and Garth Colarsurdo.  
RESOLVEDAlesia TorresVendor management - finalize contact info and contact persons

HR Functional - Kevin Stevenson;

Data Integration - Linda Johansen

HR Technical - Elizabeth Garcia

IN PROGRESSWeb Team/IT-ERP TeamApplication monitoring and analytics  EOS analytics available;
IN PROGRESSSteve Spencehandoff checklistSteve is working on this 
ASSIGNEDKevinRe-enable Position Management & re-test with more complex scenarioEOS Position Management is a component of the UNM Employee Onboarding system.  Re-activating this component only requires a UNMJobs 2.0 configuration change (no to yes) within GTVSDAX.  It requires coordinated testing by employment area representatives with Alex Lopez as he moves BANI through the stages associated with a Banner Salary Planner cycle.  This is required to ensure that the creation/update of future position budget records occurs correctly only while salary planner is active 
ASSIGNEDEricaProject closeout - archive project artifactswill be one of the very last tasks performed 
RESOLVEDEricaUpdate schedule templatesUpdate all project schedule templates used by PMO to include service design and support checklist items 
ASSIGNEDEricaProject closeout - obtain final sign-offwill be one of the very last tasks performed 
RESOLVEDErica/SteveHelp.UNM finalize symptoms list  
RESOLVEDErica/SteveHelp.UNM confirm automated workflows to IT-APPS and HRIT  
RESOLVEDErica/SteveHelp.UNM finalize tier support definitions  
RESOLVEDLindaCreate new LISTSERVs based off of BAR roles (HR Coordinator and administrator)

SR #351015

noted 8/18/17 - Erica Grong, Elizabeth and I received confirmation from Vicki that the lists have been created. I verified them in today and have marked this as resolved. - Amber

RESOLVEDErica/SteveNeed to update EOS support model to include workflow and symptoms for escalated support needs  
RESOLVEDLindaDeactivate old peopleadmin LISTSERVs

SR #351015

noted 8/18/17 - Erica Grong, Elizabeth and I received confirmation from Vicki that they've been removed; therefore, I've marked this Resolved - Amber

ASSIGNEDJeff/Mary/ElizabethTechnical knowledge transfer from Jeff to EA to Payroll and others; for example:  how to clear workflows, common things that fail and then have to be cleaned manually in Banner  
RESOLVEDLindaNew employee checklist in LoboWeb

Menu item is in BANP now, but there are no breadcrumbs; also, this process needs to be communicated

noted 8/18/17 - Erica Grong, We have closed this ticket in Cherwell so I have marked it resolved. There is no easy way to create breadcrumbs at this time. This page may be communicated as the revamp of business process flow is reorganized by Amber and Emily in regard to the entire onboarding process starting with the Offer Letter through the completion of the onboarding tasks and new employee orientation.

RESOLVEDErica/Alesia/JeffComplete change order for ATSConference call scheduled for 8/21Next steps:  Matt Lord will analyze request and let us know if new SOW is required;
ASSIGNEDEricaSchedule & facilitate final steering committee meetinglessons learned gathered 
ASSIGNEDJeffResolve user error reports issues and document the resolution process for several CSOD errors being returnedAmber met with Jeff and Steven to figure out how to remedy this; More errors are coming over daily.  Error reports - 90% are student related and are just colliding?  Need to figure out exactly what is going on with it; may need to update SOPs;Report errors are nearly resolved; still need to figure out resolution process (i.e., who is responsible for fixes in Banner);
IN PROGRESSErica/AlesiaFinalize memo of understandingAlesia has the latest copy; was set to introduce it to the agreement committee; 
ASSIGNEDJeffUpdate SOPs in confluenceJeff may need to copy some flows to the public area;on hold until other higher priority are resolved.

Performance Management Module - Erica Grong

StatusAssigned toDescripionStatus UpdatesResolutionAction Items