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Review Application Materials for Student Employees

Department review of student application materials


Reviewers (Interviewers) who are responsible for reviewing application pools


A BAR role is not required for Reviewers



Step #

Action/Field Name


Log into UNMJobs (Do not use Microsoft Edge)


From the Navigation Bar, hover over Recruit tab
Click Review Applicants

  • View application information, select the value (numeric) under the Applicant column in Open Positions
  • Once selected, you will see the Manage Application page


In Manage Applications

  • Select the icon next to the applicant to view applicant's material as a PDF.
  • Select the icon next to the applicant to view the applicant's resume/CV as a PDF.
  • Select the next to the applicant under the Action button, select Resume/CV Review to go to the resume review screen which allows you to toggle between the attached resume/CV for the selected applicants. A PDF for the applicant's application or resume/CV can be generated from this page.
  • Select the applicant's name to be brought to the application profile. The person's application can be found under the Applicant tab and the attached documents can be found under the Documents tab. The documents can also be downloaded from the Applicant Summary tab.
    • When review of application is complete, under the Statuses tab, in the Under Review by Department/Committee section, check the box as reviewed.
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