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Q: Can I attach documents to my application?
A: Yes, you can attach your Resume, Cover Letter, and up to 10 additional documents. Acceptable file types include: (DOC DOCX, PDF, TXT. Max file size: 5MB).)

Q: I have uploaded several documents when applying for a job, where are they located and why is only my resume there?

Q: I forgot to attach a document to my application or I uploaded the wrong one. What do I do?
A: If the Best Consideration date is still in the future, you may go to your Universal Profile and withdraw your application. Make edits to it and resubmit it. If the current date is beyond the Best Consideration date, contact the Hiring Manager noted on the Job Ad and he/she can work with their Hiring Coordinator to manually upload the attachment once you email it to him/her.

Q: Can I change my application once I have submitted it?
A: No, you cannot change the application once it has been submitted. If the Best Consideration Date is still in the future, you may withdraw your application, make edits, and resubmit it. If the Best Consideration date has passed and you withdraw your application to update and resubmit it, you might not be considered for the position.

Q: If I have begun filling out an application, can I save it and return to it later?
A: Yes. Click the 'Save/Return Later' button after you have completed all required fields on the page you want to exit from. The application you started will remain in the Career Center under the Applications tab. To resume your progress, click the 'Continue Application' option

Q: If I have begun filling out an application and I click 'Cancel', what happens?
A: You will be presented with a pop-up window that asks if you want to cancel the application. You have two options - Save/Return Later and Delete Application.

Q: Can I search for jobs by department?
A: Because of the complex organizational structure UNM has, it was decided that searching by department is not allowed.

Q: How do I preview my application that has been submitted?

Q: Where do I find the status of my application?

Q: Can my supervisor see if I apply for another position?
A: Even though supervisors can see their employees listed within their Universal Profile and the My Team tabs due to the University's reporting structure, they do not show employee activity in relation to their profile materials or jobs they’ve applied for. However, as with any application system, if you've applied for a job within the organization that your Supervisor has hiring access to, he/she would be able to see you in the applicant pools.

Q: If I had a UNMJobs 1.0 employee profile, will my information transition to UNMJobs 2.0?
A: No, all employees must create a new profile in the new system and re-enter their information.

Q: What happened to all of the information stored in my UNMJobs 1.0 profile?
A: The new systems requires that all applicants must create a new account/profile. Applicant materials (resumes, cover letters, etc.) will not be transferred to the new system. Once the applicant creates a profile and uploads their materials, the materials will be stored as part of the applicant profile.

For Internal Applicants Only


Career Center vs Career Site

Q: How does the Career Center differ from the Career Site? 
A: The Career Center is for internal applicants who are current UNM employees, and it displays all jobs available to external and internal applicants. The Career Site is for external applicants who do not work at UNM, and it displays all jobs available to external applicants only.


Career Center

Career Site


Current UNM employees (internal)

External applicants (non-UNM employees)

Job Ads

Displays internal and external job ads

Display external job ads only




Q: As an applicant, I have received an email asking that I sign my Offer Letter in the Career Center . Where do I find it?
A: Click the link in the email and log in when prompted for your username and password. Hover on "Home" and select "Universal Profile" from the drop-down menu. Select "Actions". A section will load called "My Tasks" and a link to launch your Offer Letter will appear.  

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