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When attempting to create a user profile in UNMJobs the following error message is received:

Error Message
This email is already associated with an account in UNMJobs. 

This occurs when:

1) The email address used to create the profile is already in use.

2) If a UNM student, the student's preferred email address or email address that was used when applying to become a student at UNM is on record and is already in use.  This happens to all students.


A) If you are a current UNM Staff, Faculty, or Student and are attempting to create a profile using your UNM email address.

  1. Do not create a profile.
  2. Log into the internal Career Center using your NetID and Password.
  3. To search job postings, click UNMJobs → Career Center and click Search.

B) If you are current UNM Staff, Faculty, or Student and are attempting to create a profile with your personal (non-UNM, non-Salud) email address.

  1. Verify that your personal email address is not currently registered as your preferred email address
    1. Log into Demographic Self-Service (DSS)
    2. Click the Email tab and verify the Preferred Email address field
    3. Remove your preferred email address and click update. If you have a Salud email address in your preferred email address field do not remove it.
    4. Wait 6 hours 
    5. Return to UNMJobs and create your profile using your personal email address.

C) Use a different email address when creating a profile.

D) If you are not sure about where you should login or create a profile 

  1. Go to and complete the form to be directed to the correct login page.