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 Department creation of Requisition for Staff.


Hiring Coordinators who are responsible for the administrative oversight of the Staff postings.


Hiring Coordinator access is managed via the Hiring Coordinator role which can be requested via the Banner Authorization Requests (BAR) system.


From the Navigation bar hover over Recruit

  • Click Manage Requisition

Click Options

  • Click Add Requisition

Click Job Title icon

  • From pop-up window enter job title in Title search box or p-class code in ID search box
  • Click Search
  • Select Job Title (required)
  • Select Requisition Template (required)
  • Display Job Title field (Working Title)-limit of 50 characters
  • Verify Employment Area
  • Select Primary Location (hiring department) (required)
  • Leave Additional Locations, Grade, Cost Center & Contact Phone blank
  • Select Employment Type and choose Full Time or Part Time
  • Currency-leave default (United States Dollar)
  • Compensation-select Hourly/Monthly from drop down menu
  • Range-Min-Mid salary range will auto populate**DO NOT CHANGE**
  • Referral Bonus-leave as is
  • Applicant View Salary-enter salary range*this is what shows in the Job Ad(required)
  • Exempt/Non-Exempt-select from drop down menu (required)
  • LoboTime Clock Only User-check box if your department is a LoboTime clock only user
  • Background Check Required-select yes or no (required)
  • EOHS Physical Required-select from drop down menu (required)
  • Campus-select from drop down menu (required)
  • Appointment Percent-enter a number (75, 87.5) (required)
  • Underutilization Information-auto populated
  • Type of Duration-select from drop down menu (required) 
    • Open until Filled
    • Hard Close
  • Duration of Posting-enter how long you want Requisition posted for based on what you selected for the Type of Duration (5 days, 2 weeks, etc.) (required) **NOTE-the duration you enter here should be based on your selection above (Open until Filled OR Hard Close).
    • Not underutilized-5 day minimum; underutilized-10 day minimum; Contract-15 day minimum
  • For Best Consideration Date-leave blank **If you selected Open until Filled the duration of posting you entered will be entered here. If you selected Hard Close this field will be left blank.
  • Select Posting Type (required)
    • External Competitive-posts externally (available to the public)
    • Internal Competitive-posts internally (available to UNM employees-can specify to only be available to certain groups/p-classes/etc.)
    • External Non-Competitive-a non-competitive posting to hire an applicant who is not a UNM employee
    • Internal Non-Competitive- a non-competitive posting to hire an applicant who is a UNM employee
      • If Non-Competitive, select Staff Non-Competitive Exception from drop down list
  • Position Class Minimum Qualification-auto populated
  • Conditions of Employment-auto populated
  • Application Instructions-follow directions within box: Describe the documents the applicant should attach for a complete application. Include any additional application instructions that may be required of applicants. (required)
  • Advertising Resources-list resources if applicable
  • Select and/or if applicable
  • Select Diversity & Inclusion Email (Requires Regular Posting) if applicable
  • Enter Index and Account codes for Recruitment Costs if applicable (required-enter N/A if none)
  • Enter Index and Account codes for Background Check/Fingerprinting if applicable
  • Enter Department Contact Name, Email and Phone (required)
  • Comments box-enter information for Employment Area
  • Position Class-auto populated
  • Position Class Title-auto populated


Complete Staff Requisition Details section:

  • Staff Type-select from drop down menu (required)
  • Salary Grade-auto populated
  • Term End Date-enter if required *can either be a date or text such as '1 year from date of hire'*
  • Additional Requirements for this position-enter any special requirements for the position
  • Shared Service Center Information-follow directions given: If you select to utilize the Shared Service Center, click the link for information on the applicable criteria and fees.
  • Shared Service Center Requested-select yes or no (required)
  • HR Consultant-select from drop down menu (required)



Description and Qualifications: This area is for the Position Summary. Create verbiage in Word and use the Paste from Word icon to paste in the Description text box.

    • Description: will default from Job Description, customize for your department needs
      • You must enter your Position Summary in both the Internal and External tabs
    • Qualifications: This area is for preferred qualifications above and beyond the KSAs of the job description. Enter information in Minimum tab only. DO NOT USE IDEAL TAB.
    • Keywords-enter keywords that you feel will assist applicants when they are searching for jobs

Hiring Team section:
Under Requisition Owner(s):

  • Primary Owner-will default to Hiring Coordinator (equivalent to Department Originator) creating the Requisition

Under Applicant Reviewer(s):

  • Hiring Manager (equivalent to Department Approver)-select by clicking on icon (required)
  • Reviewers-(equivalent to Screening/Search Committee)-click Add Reviewers

Under Applicant Interviewer(s)

  • Interviewers-do not use

Attachments (equivalent to Documents tab)-documents required for posting Requisition **maximum file size for each attachment is 5MB.
Approvals-add your Approvers: (required)

  • Click on the icon and select Hiring Manager (1st Approver) by clicking on the icon, then click Add
  • Click on the icon and select User, then click Add
    • **Skip this step if you do NOT need to add any additional Department Approvers**. If you do need to add additional Approvers click on the icon and type in Last Name, First Name in appropriate search fields. Click Search and select person.
  • Click on the icon and type Approver in the Last Name search field and HR in the First Name search field (this is the Staff Employment Area and should always be the last approver). Click Search and select Approver, HR. **DO NOT SELECT HRTC APPROVER**
  • Verify the Hiring Manager is listed as '1', and HR Approver is listed as the last approver.

Requisition section:

  • Priority-select High, however Requisitions will be reviewed in order received
  • Openings-leave blank
  • Ongoing-check box 
  • Target Hire Date-leave as default date
  • Requisition Status-leave as is (Draft should auto populate)
  • Do Not Allow to Apply-DO NOT CHECK BOX, LEAVE BLANK
  • Click Next

Job Ad Section:

  • Click Next

Application Workflow Section:

  • Click Next

Applicant Review Section:

  • Click Submit

**NOTE-You can save your Requisition once all required fields have been completed. To find Saved Requisitions hover over Recruit, select Manage Requisition and you should see your saved Requisition with a Status of 'Draft'.