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1. Log in to MyUNM 

  Log in to MyUNM by visting On this page, click the "Login" button on the upper right portion of the screen.

2. Login using your NetID

Login using your NetID (email) and password through UNM's single sign on.

Select the "Employee Life" tab and click "Enter LoboWeb

3. Go to the UNM Graduate Student Assistantship Contracts link.

Verify you are in the "Employee" tab, and then select "UNM Graduate Student Assistantship Contracts."

4. Generate a new contract.

Select "Generate New Graduate Student Assistantship Contract."

5. Search for the student.

Enter Student ID, or search via Student Query.

Note: Search carefully!

6. Verify the correct student.

The name of the student you selected will populate on the next screen. Click "Submit" to confirm.

7. Verify the student is in graduate status.

If the student you selected is not a current graduate student, you will see "Current Graduate Status: INVALID" and a message, "Do Not Proceed." Do not continue with the assistantship process until the student has been officially admitted to a graduate program.

8. Fill out the Assistantship Type.

If the student is verified as a current graduate student, you will see "Current Graduate Status: Active." Fill out the required fields under "Assistantship Type" tab:

    • (Note: "Originator" will auto-populate once data has been saved.)
    • Chair/PI/Dept Approver (choose from drop-down list; you can type the first letter of the approver's last name to advance to the appropriate area of the list)
    • Department Org Code for contract (choose from drop-down list – NOTE: the list is organized by department org code. You can type the first few numbers of your org code in order to jump to the appropriate area of the list.)
    • Type of Assistantship (choose appropriate title). See for definitions of assistantship titles.

Click "Save Changes." You will see the "Originator" field auto-populate after you save changes, and a "DELETE CONTRACT" button appears next to the "Save changes" button.

9. Verify Student Information

Note: This tab is primarily informational. It provides you with data currently on record in the Banner system relevant to assistantship eligibility. There are no fields you need to enter, but you must review the information carefully– you may need to take other actions based on this information. Verify the information about the student in each field.

  • Current graduate major, program and level (note: newly admitted students may have a notation of "No Learner Record" under Program. This is temporary and you can still submit the contract as long as "Current Graduate Status" above says "Active").
  • Any active positions with UNM (Note: assistantship recipients must meet workload limitations described in the Policy for Administration of Assistantships, and may not concurrently hold a University of New Mexico staff position. Position numbers beginning with GM, GB, UM or UB may be concurrently held with an assistantship. All others are staff positions and cannot be concurrently held. Also, please note that if the "End Date" field on a position is blank, the position is active. If there is a conflict, work with the student and other department(s) to resolve the issue. Any changes to other employment positions should be submitted to the appropriate Employment Area prior to submitting the assistantship contract.
  • Citizenship Status (workload limitations differ for US Citizens/Permanent Residents and International Students; please see link for Graduate Studies website above for details)
  • I-9 status – verify whether an I-9 has been received or not (note: if I-9 Status is "Temporary," the "Expires" field will be populated with the expiration date; otherwise the "Expires" field will not be shown. If I-9 status says "ERROR," this means the student is a new employee and an I-9 has not yet been recorded.)
  • Note: An I-9 may be required even if the above indication is marked received. Please instruct any students that are new hires, students with a break in employment for more than 90 days, or students with an expired I-9 eligibility to complete new hire paperwork at Graduate Studies.
  • W-4 & direct deposit receipt

10. Fill out Requirements

Go to the "Requirements Tab" and fill out the required fields.


This is informational. If the student's GPA is less than 3.0, the student does not meet eligibility requirements for an assistantship. (See "Grade Point Waiver" section below if department wishes to petition for exception.)

Required Training

This section indicates whether required University trainings have been completed. Trainings are required every year but do not have to be completed before contract submission. Students with approved contracts will receive email reminders about completing the required trainings.

Background Check Required

If the employee is working with minors, check "Yes." If not, check "No." See Graduate Studies website for more information on requesting a background check, if needed.

Grade Point Waiver

Check "Yes" ONLY if petitioning for exception to GPA requirement. Otherwise, check "No." If "Yes," provide justification in the Accounting tab (see below).

Click "Save Changes."

11. Fill out Accounting

Go to the "Accounting" tab and fill out the required fields. (See figure below.)



The appropriate position number will be shown based on the org code and assistantship title you entered on the "Assistantship Type" tab. Select the position number from the drop-down list. Note: GB is for biweekly positions (PAs) and GM is for monthly positions (TA, GA, TAssoc, RA). If no position number is displayed, this means a position number is not active for your org. Email to submit a request for position maintenance before submitting the assistantship contract.

Begin Date / End Date

Enter the appropriate dates (note: CANNOT be earlier than today's date). Must be MM/DD/YYYY format. You can also use the pop-up calendar feature to enter dates.


Enter monthly rate (or hourly rate for PAs).

Appointment %

Enter appointment percent. (e.g. 25%, 37.5%, 50%)

Override 20 hrs/week maximum

Select the checkbox if choosing an appointment percent over 50.

Job duties

Enter a detailed description of job duties. This field is required.

Job Labor Distribution


Enter index(es), then tab out of the index field. (Click on the magnifying glass to search for and select the appropriate index, if needed.) If the index is valid, fund, organization, account, program and activity fields will auto-populate. If the index is not valid, you will receive a message saying, "Error: index is invalid." You will not be able to submit the contract. Work with the appropriate central Accounting office to resolve any problems with an invalid index.


Enter percent for given index. If using multiple indexes, the total must add up to 100.00%. When you tab out of the Percent field, the Amount field will auto-populate with the total stipend for the contract period. (Note: if you make any changes to the Index or Percent fields, be sure to tab out of the field so that the stipend recalculates.)



Enter index and tab out of the index field. If the index is valid, the Fund, Organization, Account, Program and Activity fields will auto-populate. If index is not valid, you will get an error message.

Tuition Example 1. 6 Credit hours plus Differential paid for Fall 2016:

Dissert Only

Check this box if your department wishes to pay the fee for dissertation hours (699) only, not any other class tuition. Otherwise, leave this box unchecked. If you select dissertation only, an amount of 6 will auto-populate in the Credit Hrs field (this cannot be changed and is needed for a correct feed to Financial Aid; it does not matter if the student is taking more or less dissertation hours). The dissertation fee amount will also auto-populate in the Tuition Amount column after you have selected the Term.

Credit Hrs

Enter number of credit hours your department wishes to pay. The appropriate tuition amount will auto-populate in the Tuition Amount column after you have selected the Term. (Note: if you have already checked “Dissertation Only,” you will not be able to enter data in the Credit Hrs field on the same line. If your department is not providing a tuition waiver, leave this field blank.)

DifferentialIf your department wishes to pay tuition differential, enter the differential amount (rate per credit hour). Otherwise, leave this field blank.

Tuition Example 2. Dissertation Only plus $25 GPSA Fee paid for Fall 2016 and Spring 2017:

GPSA/Course FeesEnter the amount, if any, your department wishes to pay towards GPSA and/or course fees. Fees will be paid up to the amount entered. If no fees will be paid by the department, leave this field blank.
TermSelect the appropriate term for tuition award, e.g. “Fall 2016.” You’ll notice that the Tuition Amount will auto-populate once you have selected the applicable term. Leave this field blank if no tuition or fees are being paid.
Additional Notes
  • You may enter tuition payments for multiple semesters on separate lines if the student is being hired for multiple semesters.
  • You may also split tuition hours between different indexes by entering multiple lines of tuition for the same semester (e.g. 4 hours on index 000001, 5 hours on index 000002).
  • If you need to correct or change a line of tuition information, modify the applicable fields as needed.
  • To remove a line of tuition information, delete all data entered in the Index, Credit Hours, Differential and GPSA/Course Fees fields, uncheck Dissert Only if needed, and set the Term to “---Select a Term---“.


JustificationIf this contract is being submitted past the deadline, involves a revision, or involves any other special petitions or explanations, you MUST enter a detailed justification in the "Justification" text box.

When you have entered all information on the accounting tab, click "Save Changes.

12. Submit for Approvals

IMPORTANT: Make sure ALL contract information is correct. You will not be able to make edits during the approval process!

When you are certain the contract is complete and correct, click the "Submit for Approvals" button.


You will receive a confirmation screen indicating that the contract is now pending the first level of approval (Chair/PI/Dept approval).

You cannot make any changes to the contract while it is pending approvals. You will see a message at the top of the contract that says "***** WARNING ****** Contract pending APPROVAL, no changes allowed."

To make more new contracts, click "Assistantship Main."