This procedure explains the process to complete and submit a Hiring Request for a student


Hiring Coordinators who are responsible for the administrative oversight of hiring student employees.


Hiring Coordinator access through the UNM Banner Authorization Request (BAR) system (given by taking UNMJobs 101). 


Part 1 – Select the student to hire

Step #

Action/Field Name


Log into: UNMJobs (Do not use Microsoft Edge). You can find UNMJobs under the Employee Life tab at http://my.unm.edu/home


From the Navigation Bar, hover over Recruit tab and click Manage Requisition.

Manage Requisition.png


Type in the Job Title or ReqID in the appropriate fields or look in the list of requisitions you manage. When you find the appropriate requisition, click the number under the Applicants column.


Select the candidate you wish to hire from the requisition pool page by clicking on their name.

From their Applicant Profile click the area next to Current Status and change their status to Recommend for Hire.

Please note: the status you click on may be different than the one in the below screenshot.


To initiate the Hiring Request, navigate to the Statuses Tab in the student's Applicant Profile.

Part 2 - Complete Offer Letter Details

Step #

Action/Field Name


Start Date: Fill with current date (Will Not be Students first day of Employment). Student Employment Area will determine this date based on the day the student completes all hiring paperwork. 
This date will be a future start date. No requisitions will be backdated.

Hiring Manager, Location, Compensation, and Currency defaults from Requisition (DO NOT CHANGE)

Wage Type: Select Hourly for bi-weekly or Annual for monthly and enter the monthly amount.

Salary: Enter hourly or monthly rate (Note: this must be within the range for the Position Class selected for this requisition)


  • Optional Notes: Anticipated Start date and any other comments for EA.
  • Required Notes: If this position requires a background check, please state in the Notes that background check is needed. If this is a Promotion (Competitive or Non-competitive) or a 2nd Job (ADDJOB) with your department, please provide this information in the Notes.

If you want the student to start as soon as possible, enter "ASAP" into this field.

If you have a specific date that you want the student to start, please enter the date. No start dates will be backdated.

Work-Study Type: Select based on Student's work-study award (if applicable). Verify work-study type with student.

Position NumberPlease enter and make sure it starts with UB (Student Employment), UF (Federal Work Study), US (State Work Study), UM (Monthly)

If your student is in a community service position, please enter the UFC position number. If the student has a need-based state award, the Student Employment Area will switch their award to federal.


Index and Account Code: Enter department Index and Account Code for position

For work study, enter the index for the 30% amount. 
Note: Only one index is allowed in the Index field; if you need more than one index, you will need to complete a labor distribution change EPAF at least 5 business days prior to the end of the first pay period - http://fssc.unm.edu/docs/FILR-100.pdf


Appointment Percent: Enter 70 unless your student has more than one job.

Personnel Date: Leave blank - the Student Employment Office will complete

Job End DateAll students require an End Date. If you enter an end date beyond a student's eligibility (I-9 expiration date, graduation date, Financial Aid Eligibility, etc.) the Student Employment Office will enter the last day of eligibility for the student's end date. If the student has a graduation date on their record, the Employment Area will enter it in the Job End Date field.

Probationary/Trial Period End Date: Leave blank - the Student Employment Area Office complete based on Student's Start date. Probation period for students is two (2) months. Probation period begins for every AddJob, New Hire, Rehire, and all Promotions.

 Enter Supervisor Information: 

  • Supervisor Name: First and Last Name
  • Supervisor ID: UNM ID (9 digits)
  • Supervisor Phone
  • Supervisor Email



Part 3 – Submit Hiring Request to Employment Area

Step #

Action/Field Name


Select the Save and Create New Letter button. 

The Default Offer Letter opens. 

This is not the actual offer letter. This action activates an email to the Employment Area to notify them that a hire has been initiated.

Scroll down using the outer most scrollbar and click the Save and Create Offer button


Still under the Statuses tab, click View/Edit Approval to verify that StuEmp Approver 1 is selected.

If the StuEmp Approver 1 is selected, click the Submit For Approval button to submit the Hiring Request.



If StuEmp Approver 1 is not selected, click on Add Approval.

From this dialogue box, select User and then click Add

Use the icon to open up the Select User dialogue box.

In the First Name field type StuEmp and click Search

Finally, click on the "Approver 1, StuEmp" name

Selecting User Student Approver.png