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Onboarding users are users who were external applicants that have been recommended for hire and moved into the Employee Onboarding System.

Onboarding users must login at using the same credentials they used with their external applicant account.


If you are not sure if you are an onboarding user, complete the form on the or see Determining User Type.


If you are unable to login follow the steps on this page.


Check for Correct Login Page

  1. Onboarding users should be logging in at
  2. The login page is the default CSOD login page:

If User Cannot Log In

NOTE: Admin->Users page access required for troubleshooting

  1. Confirm user is in the correct place
    1. Search for user in Admin->Users
    2. If user exists AND the User ID field is an email instead of a Banner ID, go to step 2
      1. if you see two accounts under the same name (one with a Banner ID, one with an email) skip to step 3, then circle back to 2 if the issue is not fixed
    3. If user exists AND the User ID is a Banner ID, go to Internal User Troubleshooting
    4. If user does not exist, go to External User Troubleshooting
  2. Define a temporary password for the user (steps below) and send that password and the user ID to the user
    1. click on the 'options' pulldown
    2. click 'change password'
    3. select 'define temporary password'
    4. complete form and submit
  3. If the user still cannot log in:
    1. Search for a second internal account (UserID is a Banner ID)
    2. Compare the primary email address to the primary email on the onboarding account, if they are the same
    3. Go to Recruit->Search Candidates
      1. Find the aforementioned user account that is tied to a Banner ID and enter the applicant snapshot
      2. Click on the 'Options' pulldown, then on 'Edit Contact Details'
      3. Delete the primary email address
    4. confirm that onboarding user can now log in


If User Can Log In, but Cannot E-Sign Onboarding Tasks

NOTE: Admin->Users page access required for troubleshooting

  1. Check User's Employment Area
    1. Search for user in Admin->Users
    2. If the user's Identifier column lists them in the UNMJobs Onboarding (Employment Area), proceed to step 2
    3. If the user is listed under any other employment area:
      1. Notify the employment area that the user needs to be moved into the UNMJobs Onboarding employment area in order to E-Sign their tasks
  2. Confirm that the user is authenticating with their listed UserID and not their primary email address
    1. Users should also be e-signing using the same password they log in with