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Employment Area Leads Meeting
Monday, March 5, 2018
3:00 – 4:30 pm
Perovich Business Center, Room 1016

Agenda Items:

  1. Moving Expenses – Payroll
  2. Internal Audit – Payroll
  3. New IRS W-4 Form – Payroll
  4. Banner 9 – All

Action Items:


Assigned to:

Due Date:

Completion Date:













Kevin opens meeting with timeline update. 3 months to go live.
3. Meeting opens with payroll agenda items. W4 form out now for 2018. No new forms to be printed. Must be done electronically going forward. Everyone should have a Net ID before they start, using the self help portal as part of onboarding. Current employees do not have to redo their W4s. If not in the system, employee will be held at the highest withholding. (Single, 0)
1. Moving Expenses=Moving relocation allocation form will be moved out of Chrome River. Lump Sum, will eliminate the need for receipts. Adam proceeded to go over form to group to get feedback (add, remove, etc). Form includes an example of how employee will be taxed. Was a PDF form , now it does not auto populate. Can and should this be added to onboarding? Form states that employee will be reimbursed on first check. Employee will need Net ID for this to happen which bought up the issue of having in with onboarding. Offer letter to be updated if employee has moving expenses in their offer. With this being the case most in the room felt this letter should be with onboarding as informational only. Getting signatures (VP/Provost) will slow down the process which is a reason digital upgrade to the form is requested (Offer letter is already digital). Adam will email copy of the form to everyone.
2. Internal Audit= Digital signature PDF form/who needs to sign it? (Our error vs student error)
Waiting for signatures slows down the process. Debate about if students need to sign the form or not. Informational of signature dependant? Internal audit forms are informational only and to have audit trail to justify payment per group discussion. 2007 audit going forwad hasn't had any improvement with addition of new forms. Adam wants to consolidate the existing forms. (Waiting on signature hold up process).
4. Banner 9 (Kevin)= Forms sent in from departments (thank you). A lot of the forms on the spreadsheet got to be ignored as many were not used by a lot of the departments. Walked through payroll form testing plan. How do we want to documents and store. Confluence page? Sharepoint? (This issue raised a debate on where to store, decision not make at the time of discussion). Has anyone in payroll played in the sandbox? (yes, minimally)