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Procedures for submitting a hiring request for a temporary part-time faculty position.


For hiring coordinators who will be responsible for submitting hiring requests.


Hiring Coordinator access is managed via the Hiring Coordinator role which can be requested via the Banner Authorization Requests (BAR) system.




Initiate Hiring Request

Hover over Recruit on the navigation bar and select Manage Requisitions.        

  • To view the applicant information for a requisition, select the value (numeric) under the Applicants column in the requisition listing
  • Once selected, you will be brought to the Manage Applications page.
  • Select the applicant’s name for which you will submit a hiring request.

For the hired applicant, change the applicant’s status to Recommended for Hire.

  • For more information on how to change an application status, see the “Changing Applicant Status and Disposition Reason” guide.

Complete the DRA, if necessary. See the Completing the DRA.



Attach Required Documents

Attach the documents required by OFAS to review the hiring request.

  • Go to the Documents tab and select Add Attachment to upload the required documents.
  • Within the Upload Attachment box, select Recommended for Hire from the Attach To dropdown. Enter a title, browse for the required document, and select Save to upload a document.
  • For a competitive hire, required documents include:
    1. Justification memo
    2. Composite screening tools
    3. Interview Itineraries (if applicable)
  • For a non-competitive hire, required documents include:
    1. Justification memo


Complete Offer Details & LOU

To initiate the hiring request, go to the Statuses tab on the applicant’s Application Profile. The Recommended for Hire section should be expanded.

Complete the Offer Details information using the table below to identify the appropriate fields. 


Custom FieldValue
Start DateThe date the assignment begins


Defaults from Requisition

Hiring Manager

Defaults from Requisition


Defaults from Requisition


Defaults from Requisition


Defaults from Requisition

Wage Type

Defaults from Requisition


Enter the annualized salary per the salary calculator

NotesUsed for information directed to the employment area
Work-Study Type (Student Only) --Not used for Faculty--
UNM ID (Student Only) --Not used for Faculty--
Position NumberEnter the Pooled Position number for your Org
Index and Account CodeOnly one index can be used to set up a new position. If multiple indices are required, a labor distribution ePAF can be submitted once the employee's job record has been created. You will receive an email notification when the job record has been created.
Appointment Percent 0 to 100
Personnel Date

First day of the assignment

Contract Start Date:
Not used for TPT
Contract End DateNot used for TPT
Job End Date

Last day of the assignment

Probation/Trial Period End Date--Not used for Faculty--
Supervisor NameEnter Supervisor Name
Supervisor UNMIDEnter Supervisor UNMID
Supervisor Title--Not used for Faculty--
Supervisor Phone--Not used for Faculty--
Supervisor Email--Not used for Faculty--
Position "Reports To" Name (Staff Only)--Not used for Faculty--
Position "Reports To" UNM ID (Staff Only)--Not used for Faculty--
Moving Expenses (Staff Only)--Not used for Faculty--
Annual Salary (Contract Staff Only) 
Lobo U (New Employee Orientation) Date (Staff Only)--Not used for Faculty--
Subject to Overtime (Staff Only)
 --Not used for Faculty--
Benefits Eligible Position (Staff Only) --Not used for Faculty--
Shift (Staff Only) --Not used for Faculty--
Pre-Employment, Post-Offer Physical Exam Required (Staff Only) --Not used for Faculty--
Covered by Collective Bargaining (Staff Only) --Not used for Faculty--
Primary Discipline (Faculty Only)Not used for TPT
CIP Code (Faculty Only)Enter the 6 digit CIP code found at:
Academic Title (Faculty Only)

Not used for TPT

Faculty Type (Faculty Only)

Not used for TPT

Rank (Faculty Only)

Not used for TPT

Appointment Status or Track (Faculty Only)

Not used for TPT

Review Typle (Faculty Only)Not used for TPT
Mid-Probationary Review Date (Faculty Only)

Not used for TPT

Tenure Review Date (Faculty Only)

Not used for TPT

Build SAC Only (Main/Branch Campus Faculty Only, If Applicable)

Not used for TPT

SAC Title (Main/Branch Campus Faculty Only)

Not used for TPT

SAC Total Payment (Main/Branch Campus Faculty Only)

Not used for TPT

SAC Contract Start Date (Main/Branch Campus Faculty Only)

Not used for TPT

SAC Contract End Date (Main/Branch Campus Faculty Only)

Not used for TPT


Select the Save and Create New Letter button.


The Letter of Understanding (LOU) will display in the create offer letter text box.

  1. Enter the description of duties and course assignment on the LOU. The LOU is editable and you can add an image of a signature, if desired.
  2. You can preview the LOU by selecting the PDFicon to download a PDF or the preview  icon to preview the LOU within the offer letter text box.
  3. To create the offer letter, select the Save and Create Offer button.
  4. Finally, select the Submit for Approval button to submit the hiring request. The required approval queue will be determined by OFAS based on the type of faculty position.



Approved Hiring Request

  • Once the hiring request is approved, you will receive an email notification.
titleExample email


The hiring request for JOB.TITLE (JOB.REQUISITION.ID) has been
OFFER.APPROVAL.DECISION. Below is a summary of the comments that were entered by the hiring request approvers for your review. If the hiring request was not approved, the requested changes will be noted in the approver comments below.


Please note: An offer letter may be issued once JOB.OU.DIVISION.TITLE has completed their required review. Refer to the employment area's standard operating procedure for the offer letter process.

NOTE: For Staff - This email is not an approval of your Offer Detail that was submitted. The approval is the issuance of the Offer Letter.


The University of New Mexico


  • The offer letter will be sent by OFAS to the candidate’s UNMJobs application profile.
  • hen the offer letter is signed you will receive a email notification.
titleExample email

The offer letter for PROFILE.USER.NAME.FIRST PROFILE.USER.NAME.LAST was OFFER.RESPONSE.DECISION on OFFER.RESPONSE.DATE. If the offer letter was declined, the candidates comments will be listed below. If accepted, the appropriate employment area will initiate onboarding.

Offer Letter Comments:


Job Title: JOB.TITLE

Hiring Department: OFFER.LOCATION

Thank you,

The University of New Mexico

  • To find the completed offer letter orcheck on the status of the hiring request by reviewing the Offer Details section on the Statuses tab. You can print or save a copy of the completed offer letter by clicking on the search  icon.


Onboarding and New Hire Paperwork

Once After the candidate has accepted the offer letter, OFAS will initiate electronic onboarding for the applicant. New hire paperwork tasks will be send sent to and completed by the hired candidate via UNMJobs. Please refer to the new faculty checklists found on OFAS’s website.




 For questions and support concerning Main & Branch Campus Faculty contact the Office of Faculty Affairs and Services:

  • Phone: 505-277-4528

 Have feedback? Send us an email with your recommendation.


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