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The user is unable to login to UNMJobs and receives one of the following error messages:

Error Message
You have entered invalid authentication credentials. (CSOD)

This message occurs at the External login page:

Error Message
Incorrect user ID or password. Type the correct user ID and password, and try again. (SSO)

This message occurs at the Internal login page when the UNM NetID and password is not recognized.


Verify the Login Page

There are two UNMJobs Login pages, internal and external.  The simplest way to ensure you are the correct login page is to complete the form on

If you are unable to login after arriving at the correct login page continue below.

Determine the Type of User

  1. Determine the type of user

Follow the appropriate Troubleshooting

See the troubleshooting steps for the user type:

  1. External Applicant Login Troubleshooting (Users without a UNM NetID and Students)
  2. Internal Applicant Login Troubleshooting (Current Employees, Faculty, Current Student Employees, Approvers, Hiring Coordinators, Department Users, Employment Area Staff)