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The user is unable to create a profile in UNMJobs Career Site and receives the following error message:

Error Message Screen Shot

This message occurs at the Create a Profile login page:

Reason for Error Message

This message appears when a current UNM employee uses his/her UNM NetID and Password to create an applicant profile in the (external) Career Site. Ideally, UNM employees should create their profile and apply for UNM positions via the (internal) Career Center (which is different than the Career Site). If a current UNM employee prefers to apply using the external site, he/she will need to establish login credentials using another email account such as a personal one like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc... It is not recommended that current employees use something other than their UNM credentials.


Determine the Type of User

  1. Determine the type of user (internal or external?)
  2. If an internal user, he/she should be advised to create a profile using the Career Center found at
  3. If an external user receives the error message, UNM IT should verify that the user is not actually an internal user inputting UNM credentials.
  4. If a user's non-UNM email address may have been used previously by the individual or possibly someone else, the user should reset their password.
    1. From Career Site homepage, click Log In.
    2. In the Sign In box, click Create a new Profile.
  5. If the user is using unique personal credentials, then contact HRIT at to report that a user email possibly needs to be reviewed with the vendor (CSOD).