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EAL Meeting Monday August 6, 2018
Adam started the meeting @301p
Agenda Items as follows:

  1. Robert Ortiz with DocuSign sat in for UNM Purchasing joined the meeting and went over DocuSign and how to use it (management, PowerForms, templates, accounts, signing orders, how to send out, etc). Q&A with the repRobert andfrom the group after his presentation. It was discussed what department would be responsible for the cost. Adam will be suggesting that Payroll cover the cost for the first year and then it will be reevaluated at a later date if other departments will need to contribute. It was brought up in discussion that Microsoft O365 is accessible to all UNM employees at no additional cost andthat allows the acknowledgement of a form as opposed to a digital signature or a "wet" signature. This will be discussed more in the next meeting. (301pm-338pm)
  2. Banner 9 Update- Updates given by Kevin and Adam. Adjustment PHATIME form with 9 has a glitch (not rounding). Currently being worked on. For now the Banner 8 form is being used. The Phatime PHATIME form in B8 that was set to be deactivated will continue to be in use until the glitches in B9 (slow) are worked out. Inquired if there are any other B8 forms that the group feels like they are still needing? August 15th is the deadline for the B8 forms to "go away" (PN). Kevin has asked for a list from the group of what forms they still needneed to remain active past this date with a description of why in less than 10 words. Asked if the group can share their list. Email the list to Kevin and the list will be posted for all EAL members to access: Discussion continued into pay stub/employee dashboard. Group watched on as Adam logged in to show the changes to this function. Lastly from Kevin, B9 forms have a feature that allows you to hover over the ribbon on the bottom to get info from itclick into a field and see the underlying table and field name. (339p-410p)
  3. Job setup processes for 403B eligibility (Payroll)- Meeting will take place on Thursday to discuss where this info will be in B9 and how to make this more consistent. Discussed that this is constantly evolving but has not be consistent. Ex: Valic being sent data monthly that does not have all info needed or had duplicated info, etc. Adam asked for committee to email he and Patty what "dates are used" ex: Current state, seniority date, hire date. Looking to improve the process as this info will be sent out to "our new vendor that has yet to be named". (410p-421p)
  4. 2900 null supervisor records (Payroll)- Chrome River 2500+ people with incorrect supervisors. Who will correct? When? How? If person doesn't have correct "supervised by" they still need somewhere to be routed to for multiple reasons. EAL needs to come to an agreement on how to move forward with this process improvement. (421p-426p)
  5. Paperwork retention by area (Payroll)-via email or next agenda. Needs to come to agreement of what paperwork goes to Payroll and what paperwork stays with the department. Email suggestions to Adam. Next agenda will include this for a group discussion. (426p-429p)
  6. Campus deadline calendar (Payroll)- Publish our deadline calendar for campus that is easily understood. Does anyone have an issue with sharing this with campus? Concerns that people will see Payroll's deadline and think that these are their deadlines as well. Mock up will be done and sent out for feedback (429p-433pm)
  7. EOS Update (Kevin)- Met today and looks good. Kevin feels optimistic. More to come. (433-433p)
  8. Earn Codes/Process for Summer Session Faculty (Joey)- Joey will touch base with the few folks that utilize these and a new SOP will be created.
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