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EAL Meeting May 7, 2018 Agenda Items
1. Salary Planner
2. Banner 9 Updates/Testing
3. Moving Expenses

Meeting called to order @305pm by Kevin Stevenson. Quick update: changes to CSOD as result of update, Broke ODF. Opened a ticket with CSOD, looks like this was fixed this afternoon though may be running a little slow (per feedback from a member of the meeting)

  1. Salary Planner Update: Took a lot longer than anticipated. Still going through the data to load. Lot of sync issues especially with the raises being done. Refining and finalizing the update scripts. Should be concluded from a testing stand point 5/8/18. Loading jobs Wednesday and Thursday. Dry run will be done tomorrow and will be able to update Payroll on how long this will take place.

  1. Banner 9=Overall status we are still in the GREEN, momentum picking up. IT working on data base and web logic servers in regard to performance issues. Working on overall usage issues. Focus is on BAN 9, some work done on BAN P. Testing has shown significant improvement as far as IT goes with BAN P. Please see attached slides in regard to Banner 9 Updates/Testing. Reminder go live date is June 15th. Parveen ESS updates: In development changes done to what we see. Everything turned on to see what it will look like once we go live. Employee Self Services has been requested to be put in the sandbox to get feedback on this component. ESS Banner 9 Pay Stub will be the first thing that will be turned on. Benefits banner will remain empty. Link goes nowhere which may cause confusion in the system but it cannot be removed. Confirmed everyone has a way to get into the system to test things out and provide feedback. How to modify LoboWeb? Needed broader user feedback to get specific (last round feedback) before decisions are made. Once that is done, go ahead will be given to start getting things done in the next 5 weeks before go live date. Leave Banner 8 open to access data? These will be uses and forms will be pushed out as long as needed to accommodate staff needs. Faculty needs to be notified on exactly where to go to set up benefits (direct deposit, address, etc.). Per Kevin, all faculty needs will be the same as before, difference will be looking up pay info after the fact.

Speed seems to be an issue with the testing field. Feedback provided seems to be that that will get better once all the aspects are completed. Banner 8 will not go away until it is ready especially from a payroll aspect. Payroll will not be held up due to slow performance of Banner 8 and that was reiterated to the group for those with concerns. Payroll doesn't anticipated going "live" until September due to the department's needs. Testing seems to be going fine so far. Payroll confirms that testing went well and smooth. Comfortable with June 15th date? Yes as long as Banner 8 is avail.

  1. Moving Expenses: This portion of the meeting did not pertain to the entire committee so Adam and Patty discussed with whoever wanted to stay. Moving expenses are 100% tax deductible. Effective January 1, 2018. Catching up on people that have been paid out and when they get paid back they will be taxed. This applies to anyone that was paid out since Jan 2018. Relocation allowance form will be the only form used to be reimbursed with exception to policy for moving companies. POs can be sent to the moving companies. Discussion centered around language of the new policy and also to create a new process. This process has not been finalized. Adam is looking for feedback from the email to finalize new policy. Ex: PCards will no longer be able to be used for moving expenses, etc.
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