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Employee Area Leads Meeting April 16, 2018

  1. UNMJobs Updates
    1. Duplicate User Issues
    2. May Release Updates
    3. Reporting 2.0 Testing

  1. Banner 9
    1. Employee Self-Service update
    2. Discussion on Affiliate processing:
      1. Review of EA business processes
      2. GZAAFIL replacement options
      3. Timeline for evaluation, development, and testing
    3. Other testing issues/updates
      1. NBAPOSN trigger
      2. Future dated position record errors

Kevin called meeting to order @305pm. Starts discussion of Mass Salary Loads due to raises being given out. Discussed which EAs require salaries from IT? Student employees, HR, OFAS, HSC faculty, GME. Per payroll they are currently working with IT in these forms. If this is worth coordinating, Kevin wants input on if a meeting needs to be scheduled? Concluded that it will not be needed as of now.
1.UNMJobs Updates:
Testing new functions in pilot that will help with duplicate user issues. Example, students that return to another department or start to work for UNM in a regular capacity, request new credentials causing issues. Testing "new hires" that are returning to stop them from showing up but still maintain their job history. Currently doing manual clean-up.
May Release Updates:
Deployed to staging. Working with IT to transition the feeds from TMS to move from pilot to stage. Some issues with site so not up and running yet. Same username and passwords. Gabe will have more info future meeting.
Reporting 2.0 Testing: Hybrid of custom reports and current reports. In stage, will be in pilot in May. This will be testing currently. Data Exporter (Data Warehouse) CSOD will be loading soon. Go over process of updating UNMJobs reports in HR Reports. What do we need to build? What reports need to be available to you?
Take Away request from Kevin: When hiring internal applicants please create internal applicant under parent applications. Groups are being moved and made easier to access. Emily explains that there are currently tons of groups in the system and the goal is to get these as condensed and organized as possible.
Banner 9 A:
Employee Self Service Update: Ken gave updates. (Slideshow) GREEN status good. Currently on schedule. May 15th key decision date. Key decisions will drive the schedule going forward to September deadline. Total project 48% complete. Barriers status GREEEN as well. Risks GREEN (Mods for ESS, yet manageable, work in progress). Robert from IT gave update on HR/Position Control Update See recording as Payroll started to give updates as well.
ESS Update: Given by Parveen: Banner 9 Self Service Module. Comparing 8 vs 9 working vs not working. Parveen has already isolated issues and created tickets for these issues. Issues were example; My profile. Could not edited the profile. Clicking on the pencil does not let you edit. Option to click on more info does not work either. Clicking on my pay stub does not work either. UNM Logo requested. Unable to upload these logos to the paystub. Kevin added that after a few working sessions and one more in the future he will be able to provide what exactly in in Banner Self Service to the group for further discussion. Links removed. Some functions need to be done from MyUNM.
Discussion of Affiliate Processing: Customer affiliate form. What to do. Discussion of current business practices, Person created in ppaden. Affiliate roles are assigned using GZAAFIL. Kevin provided slide to show the 78 different affiliate types, 52 with at least one active affiliate. 12555 current active affiliates, 75% HSC/SMRC. Assignment includes selecting roles, Org, and start/end dates. Form also used to add additional roles to a user, expire an active role and renewing a role. Functionality to extend of affiliate roles is also in Loboweb. Re-evaluate other options, business need of this form going away in Banner 9. These people may have multiple roles for people that need access to our system but are not UNM employees. Some of these things may be access to Johnson's Gym, Learning Central, ETC. What can we do from a functional stand point. Can a form be built to manage these individuals? Conversation started in regard to this request. Adam states that this form is used by many others and needs to be looked at more closely to see how to go forward. Provisioning, reporting, too much overlap to make any decisio ns on this report right now.
(Please see attached slides used in the meeting)
Meeting adjourned at 425pm. Ken, Adam and Kevin talked offline in regard to timelines going forward. Next meeting will be May 7, 2018.

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