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How to create a faculty, temporary part-time faculty (TPT), or postdoctoral fellow requisition.


Department level Hiring Coordinators who are responsible for the administrative oversight of the faculty, adjunct (TPT) and postdoctoral fellow posting.


Hiring Coordinator access is managed via Hiring Coordinator role which can be requested via the Banner Authorization Requests (BAR) system. If you plan to initiate a hire please refer to the general principles and guidelines set forth in the Facutly Search Committee Handbook, Faculty Hiring Guidelines, and UAPP Policy 2720: Equal Opportunity, Non-Discrimination, and Affirmative Action. 


Note: It is recommended that Hiring Coordinators use Google Chrome when creating requisitions in order to adjust the size of rich text boxes and increase ease of use when completing the position summary and qualifications sections.


Initiate Requisition

  1. From navigation bar, hover over Recruit > Manage Requisition

  1. Click Options > Add Requisition


Select Position Classification and Requisition Template

Select the appropriate position classification for the Job Title by clicking on the icon from the Position Class field. The pop up window will display all of the faculty, staff and student position classifications organized by employee classification. To view the list of position classifications, select the  icon next to the desired employee class. Note: You can search for the desired position classification using the search feature at the top of the pop up window. Please note the employee classification listed under the Parent column to ensure that you select the appropriate employee classification (FY, F9, FT, or FP) based on the type of position you are trying to hire. For Adjunct/TPT use ID 0237.

Requisition template are formatted for each position classification and employment area. To select the correct requisition template, form the Requisition Template field click on the icon. From the pop up window, select the Main and Branch Campus Template.


Details Section

Fields in red indicate it applicability to a faculty requisition. *Required Field: for saving requisition or moving to next page.

Custom Field Name



Enter the title of the position, for example: Temporary Part-Time Faculty: Math & Statistics, Assistant Professor of Geography etc.

Employment Area*

Main and Branch Campus Faculty

Primary Location*

Hiring Department

Additional Location

--Not used for Faculty--


--Not used for Faculty--

Cost Center

--Not used for Faculty--

Contact Phone

--Not used for Faculty--

Employment Type*



United States Dollar


Choose from drop down menu


If no range enter salary in both fields

Referral Bonus

--Not used for Faculty--

Applicant View Salary

--Not used for Faculty--

Position Class Compensation

--Not used for Faculty--



LoboTime Clock Only User

--Not used for Faculty--

Background Check Required

--Not used for Faculty--


Choose from drop down menu

Appointment Percent*

0 to 100

Underutilization Information

Identifies if the position is underutilized, review the comments (auto populated) to see if applicable to your submission.
Type of DurationChoose from drop down

Duration of Posting

All requisitions are open until filled.

For Best Consideration Date

Enter the FBC date if a specific date is desired for the posting. For TPT Continuous Recruitment enter the first FBC date in the series, update subsequent FBC dates in series as needed.

Posting Type*

Choose from drop down menu

Non-Competitive Exception

Select reason from drop-down menu

Position Class Minimum Qualifications

--Not used for Faculty--

Conditions of Employment

--Not used for Faculty--

Application Instructions

Enter applicant instructions and department contact info for applicant inquires.

Advertising Resources

Recruitment Services can be utilized for paid faculty advertising.

Jobing.Com Posting

Free resource: see list of cross listing sites Posting

Paid Advertising Resource Diversity & Inclusion Email

Please note: Affirmative Action Email Blasts must be used with a posting. Product and Cost Information

If utilizing a advertising, costs may apply. Visit UNMJobs Initiated Advertising for product and applicable cost information.

Primary Index for Recruitment Costs*

Enter index number to be billed or N/A

Index for Background Check/Fingerprinting

--Not used for Faculty--

Account Code for Background Check/Fingerprinting

--Not used for Faculty--

Department Contact*


Department Contact Email*


Department Contact Phone*



Used for communication to Employment Area

Benefits Statement

Predefined field

Position Class

Read only


Student Type --Not used for Faculty--


Staff Type

--Not used for Faculty--

Salary Grade

--Not used for Faculty--

Term End Date

--Not used for Faculty--

Additional Requirements for this position

--Not used for Faculty--

Shared Service Center Information

--Not used for Faculty--

Shared Service Center Requested

--Not used for Faculty--

HR Consultant

--Not used for Faculty--

Staff Non-Competitive Exception--Not used for Faculty--


Faculty Type

Choose from drop down menu, required to post to correct career site

Academic Location

Choose from drop Down

Approval Number (If Applicable)

CIP Code*

CIP codes can be found at

Faculty Non-Competitive Exception- retiredChoose from drop down menu


Hiring Department Code (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

Request By Name (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

Name of Temp(s) Requested  (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

Email(s) of Temp(s) Requested  (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

Work Schedule/Days  (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

Length of Assignment  (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

Potential Temp to Hire  (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

Supervisor Name (Last, First)  (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

Supervisor UNM ID  (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

Position "Reports To" Name (Last, First)  (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

Position "Reports To" UNM ID  (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

Labor Index Code (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

Labor Account Code  (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

Required Approvers (Last, First) (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

Applicant Reviewers (Last, First) (UNMTemps Only)

--Not used for Faculty--

*Required Field: Required fields are fields that are either delivered fields required by the system or fields that were required by all employment are Fields and Pre-Redesign Availability


Description and Qualifications Section

Please note the job ad formatting is: Font = Arial, Size = 2. To ensure professional formatting of the job ad, please verify that the text entered into the description and qualifications section is of the same font and size.

  • Description: Enter position summary in both Internal and External Tab. If copying information from another document, use the  button to preserve the formatting of the text.

  • Qualifications:  Enter both Minimum and Preferred Qualifications using the format in box. If copying information from another document, use button to preserve the formatting of the text. DO NOT USE IDEAL TAB.
    • Include the diversity preferred qualification in all requisitions:  
      • "A demonstrated commitment to diversity, equity, inclusion, and student success, as well as working with broadly diverse communities."

  • Keywords: Enter key words that will be searchable by applicants.



Hiring Team Section

  • Primary Owner: Hiring Coordinator (formerly Search Coordinator)
  • Hiring Manager:  Search Committee Chair or Hiring Official for TPT postings. Note: You can only select a user from within the ORGs you have access to. If you do not have access to the ORG associated with the Search Committee Chair’s primary position, please leave the field blank and leave a note in the comments field so OFAS can add the search committee chair to the requisition.
  • Reviewers: Add the search committee members to the reviewers section by selecting the  icon. You will be brought to an alphabetical list of all active users in the system. It is recommended to search either by name on UNM ID number to locate the members of the search committee.
    • Once the committee member’s record has been identified, select his/her name and continue searching for all additional committee members. Once all committee members have been identified, select Add. To request a guest user to be listed as a reviewer email:
  • Interviewers: Do not use



Attachments Section

  • Upload the required Attachments in the Document section by selecting . Enter the title of the document in the title field, locate the attachment, and saveto upload the attachment.

Required Attachments

Competitive Posting AttachmentsNon-Competitive Posting Attachments

Copy of all advertisements to be used

Justification Memo

Position analysis memo (PAM) describing how the search will be conducted

Copies of screening tools to be used to assess applicants

Charge to the Search Committee, if applicable
Justification Memo


Approvals Section

  • Add the Required Approvers based on your college’s preferences. To add an approver select the plus  icon. The minimum number of approvals required by OFAS is given below. To add the required approvals, select the plus  icon next to User to add each approver.

  • To select the name of the approver, select the  icon. The number next to the approver indicates the order which the requisition will be approved.

OFAS requires the following approvers for both competitive and non-competitive hiring requests:

Required Approvers
2.College Approver
3.OFAS Approvers using the “Or” statement (ex. OFAS Approver1 or OFAS Approver2 )


Approval Queue for Continuing, Visiting and Research Faculty Requisitions

For the final level of approval, select both OFAS Approver1 and OFAS Approver2 for the employment area approver. Once OFAS Approver1 has been selected, click on the icon to add the OR statement and to open up the selection box for which you will select OFAS Approver2. This can be done at all approval levels if there are multiple people who may approve requisitions at that required level.

1. Chairperson
2. College Approver
3. OFAS Approvers using the “Or” statement (ex. OFAS Approver1 or OFAS Approver2 )


Approval Queue for Temporary Part-Time Faculty Positions

1. Chairperson
2. College Approver
3. OFAS Approvers using the “Or” statement (ex. OFAS Approver1 or OFAS Approver2 )


Requisition Section

  • Priority: Select medium (requisitions will be reviewed in order of receipt regardless of priority selected)
  • Openings: Enter number of hires from this requisition or selecting the Ongoing checkbox for continuous recruitment.
  • Target Hire Date: Enter the anticipated start date
  • Do Not Allow to Apply - Never check this box!
  • Click 


Review Job Ad

  • The job ad will preview as it appears for applicants. If you see any formatting errors on this page, those will also display to the applicants. The font for the job ad is Ariel, size 2.

  Review the Job Ad section for accuracy and, if acceptable click.

  • If changes to the job ad are required, select the button and edit the fields on the first page of the requisition.
  • Click Next through the Application Workflow and Applicant Review sections as these are not editable.

  • Finally, click and it will go to the Approvers identified in the Approvals Section


Submit Requisition for Approval

NOTE: You can save the requisition at any time. To find saved requisition, hover over Recruit, and select Manage Requisition and you should see your saved requisition with a status of draft.


Requisition Approval

  • As the requisition is approved by each person identified in the queue, you will receive the following email notification.
 Email Example

Dear NAME,

The requisition for REQUISITION NAME has been reviewed by the assigned Approver and the status is: Approved.

  • If the status is APPROVED, this means it has been received by the applicable employment area for further processing. This notice does not mean that the requisition has been posted; it will be posted after Main and Branch Campus Faculty has completed their review.
  • If the status is DENIED, you will need to review the Approver’s comments for further instruction.

Comments from the Approver will appear here, if any:








Looks god, this requisition is hereby approved.

You can verify the status of your requisition and to see if it’s been posted by viewing it in the Manage Requisition link found under the Recruit tab within UNMJobs.

  • Once the final approval has been received, OFAS will post the job on the applicable internal and external career sites.


External Non-Competitive Requisitions

External non-competitive hires create an external job posting that can be sent to the external applicant.

  • Once the requisition receives final approval, you will receive an email notification.
  • To locate the link to the posting, from navigation bar, hover over Recruit and click Manage Requisition in order to display your list of requisitions.


  • Click the drop down icon and select Edit Postings from the list.
  • Scroll down to Non-Competitive under Career Sites to find the link
  • Cut and paste the link into an email and send to the identified candidate.


Internal Non-Competitive Requisitions

Internal non-competitive hires create an external job posting that are only visible through the UNMJobs Career Center to the current UNM employee identified in the comments section of the requisition.

  • Once the requisition receives final approval, you will receive an email notification.
  • Provide the requisition number and title (ex. req123)
  • The applicant should be directed to the internal Career Center in UNMJobs which is located at
  • Once the employee has logged in to UNMJobs using their UNM NetID and password, the Career Center can be found under the under the UNMJobs menu.
  • Search for the requisition number in the Keyword and ReqID field.
  • To apply, select the Apply Now  icon and follow the application instructions.

Resubmitting a Denied Requisition

If you receive a notification that your requisition was denied, the requisition can be resubmitted without creating a new requisition.

From the Manage Requisitions page, locate the denied requisition. Denied requisitions state “Denied” under the Status column of the requisition listing. Approver comments can be viewed by clicking the status for the requisition.

From the Manage Requisitions page, locate the denied requisition and select the down arrow  icon to display the menu below. Select Edit.

Scroll to the bottom of the page and change the status to Draft.


For questions and support concerning Main & Branch Campus Faculty contact the Office of Faculty Affairs and Services:

  • Phone: 505-277-4528

  Have feedback? Send us an email.

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