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 Department creation of Requisition for Staff.


Hiring Coordinators who are responsible for the administrative oversight of the Staff postings.


Hiring Coordinator access is managed via the Hiring Coordinator role which can be requested via the Banner Authorization Requests (BAR) system.


Initiate Requisition

From the Navigation bar, hover over Recruit and click Manage Requisition.

Click Options, click Add Requisition.

Select Position Classification and Requisition Template

In the Create Requisition screen, in the General Tab, select the appropriate Job Title by clicking on the icon from the Position Class field.

A pop-up window will display all faculty, staff, and student position classifications. To select a title, select the icon next to the classification to drill down to the title OR enter the job title or keyword in the Title search box or p-class code in the ID search box and click Search. Click the appropriate job title to populate information into the Position Class field.



Select Requisition Template using the search icon , and selecting the appropriate Requisition Template for the correct employee classification. Click the appropriate job title to populate information into the Requisition Template field.


Details Section

The following table has fields listed in the Details Section with notes as to how to use them. * Required Field

Field NameNotes

Display Job Title *

Working Title

Employment Area *Staff

Primary Location *Hiring Department

Additional Location(s)-not used


-not used

Cost Center-not used

Contact Phone-not used

Employment Type *Staff, choose Full Time or Part Time

Currency *United States Dollar

Compensation *Choose from drop down

RangeMin to Mid salary range will auto populate. Do not change.

Referral Bonus-not used

Applicant View SalarySalary range that will show on job ad

Position Class Minimum QualificationsAuto populated

Exempt/Non-ExemptSelect Exempt or Non-Exempt

LoboTime Clock Only UserCheck if department is a LoboTime clock only user

Background Check Required

Choose from drop down

Campus *Choose from drop down

Appointment Percent (0 to 100) *0 to 100

Underutilization InformationAuto populated

Type of DurationChoose from drop down

Duration of Posting

Length in days, weeks, or specific date for hard close date

**Minimum posting lengths are listed below. Please note For Best Consideration Dates and Hard Close dates cannot fall on a Saturday/Sunday or a holiday.

  • not underutilized job title-minimum of 5 days
  • underutilized job title-minimum of 10 days
  • contract position-minimum of 15 days

For Best Consideration DateLeave blank

Posting Type *Choose from drop down

Non-Competitive Exception

Choose from drop down if a non-competitive hire

  • If using the 'Named in Contract/Grant' exception, you must attach the contract/grant information that either lists the name of the person being hired non-competitively, the job title, or describes the job duties that are within scope of the job title selected.

Conditions of EmploymentAuto populated

Application InstructionsFollow directions in box

Advertising ResourcesFollow directions in box PostingFree advertising resource PostingPaid advertising resource Diversity & Inclusion Email

Paid advertising resource Product and Cost InformationSee instructions

Primary Index for Recruitment Costs *NA or index number

Index for Background Check/Fingerprintingif applicable

Account Code for Background Check/Fingerprintingif applicable

Department Contact Name (Last, First) *Name

Department Contact Phone *Phone

Department Contact Email *Email

CommentsUsed for communication to Employment Area

STUDENT REQUISITION DETAILS -The field "Student Type" applies to student requisitions only.

Student Type

-not used

STAFF REQUISITION DETAILS - The field "Staff Type" through "HR Consultant" applies to staff requisitions only.

Staff TypeChoose from drop down

Salary Grade

Auto populated

Term End DateIf required, date or text (ex: one year from date of hire)

Additional Requirements for this positionSpecial requirements

Shared Service Center InformationFollow directions in box

Shared Service Center RequestedYes or no

HR ConsultantChoose from drop down

FACULTY REQUISITION DETAILS -The field "Faculty Type" through "CIP Code" applies to faculty requisitions only.

Faculty Type-not used

Academic Location-not used

Approval Number (If Applicable)-not used

CIP Code (If Applicable)-not used

UNMTEMPS REQUISITION DETAILS -The fields "Hiring Department Code" through "Applicant Reviewers" apply to UNMTemp Requisitions only.

Hiring Department Code-not used

Position Number-not used

Request by Name-not used

Name(s) of Temp(s) Requested-not used

Email(s) of Temp(s) Requested-not used

Work Schedule/Days-not used

Length of Assignment-not used

Potential Temp to Hire-not used

Supervisor Name (Last, First)-not used

Supervisor UNM ID-not used

Position "Reports To" Name (Last, First)-not used

Position "Reports To" UNM ID-not used

Labor Index Code-not used

Labor Account Code-not used

Required Approvers (Last, First)-not used

Applicant Reviewers (Last, First)-not used

Description and Qualifications Section

Please note that job ad formatting is with Font = Arial, Size = 2. To ensure professional formatting of the job ad, please verify that the text entered into the description and qualifications section is of the same font and size.

Description * : This area is for the Position Summary. The text box will default from the Job Description, customize for your department needs. If copying verbiage from another document in Word, use the Paste from Word icon  to paste in the Description text box. Enter your Position Summary in both the Internal and External tabs.

Qualifications: This area is for preferred qualifications above and beyond the KSA's of the job description. Enter information in Minimum tab only. DO NOT USE IDEAL TAB. If copying verbiage from another document in Word, use the Paste from Word icon  to paste in the Description text box.

Keywords : Enter keywords that you feel will assist applicants when they are searching for jobs.   

Hiring Team Section

Primary Owner *  : Hiring Coordinator

Hiring Manager * : Search by clicking on icon

Reviewers: Add the search committee members to the Applicant Reviewer(s) section by clicking on the . You will be brought to an alphabetical list of all active users in the system. It is recommended to search either by name or UNM ID. Once the name has been found, select name and continue searching for additional Reviewers. Click Add when finished. If a Guest User is needed, please specify in the Comments area in the Details Section.

Interviewers: Do not use.

Attachments: (equivalent to Documents tab) Upload the required documents for posting the Requisition using the Add Attachment words. NOTE-documents must be saved and uploaded as a pdf file only! Any other file type can cause system issues.

Enter the title of the document in the Title field, Browse for the attachment, and select Save to upload. Note: maximum file size for each attachment is 5MB, up to 10 documents can be attached.

Approvals Section

Add your Approvers using the plus icon . The Hiring Manager and HR Approver are the two required approvers. Your department may require additional approvers. Click on theicon next to Hiring Manager (1st Approver), click on theicon next to User, then click Add. If you need to add additional Approvers, click on theicon next to User again. 

To fill in the User field for the HR Approver, click on the icon and type "Approver" in the Last Name field and "HR" in the First Name field. Click Search and select HRApprover.  **DO NOT SELECT HRTC APPROVER**

To fill in the User field for additional approvers, click on the icon and type in Last Name, First Name in appropriate search fields. Click Search and select the appropriate name.

The Hiring Manager must be listed first as '1', and HR Approver must be listed as the last approver.

Requisition Section

The following table has fields listed in the Requisition Section with notes as to how to use them. * Required Field

Field NameNotes

Requisition IDThe Requisition ID can be found in this field, once your requisition has been saved or submitted.

Priority *Select High, however Requisitions will be reviewed in order received.

Openings *Leave number field blank, check On Going box.

Target Hire DateLeave as default date.

Requisition StatusLeave as populated (Draft should auto populate). As the requisition moves through the process, the status will change. Other statuses are Open, Closed, Cancelled, On Hold, and Denied. Statuses can be changed depending on need.


If the requisition is complete, click . If the requisition is not ready for submission, click .

Job Ad Tab

The job ad will preview as it appears for applicants. Review the Job Ad for accuracy. If acceptable, click . If changes to the Job Ad are required, select thebutton and edit the fields in the General tab.

Application Workflow Tab

The Application Workflow tab is not editable, click  .

Applicant Review Tab

The Applicant Review tab is not editable, click .

Finding Saved or Submitted and the Status of Requisitions

To find Saved or Submitted and the Status of Requisitions hover over Recruit, select Manage Requisition and a searchable list of the departments requisitions will appear. Click the job title to access the requisition.